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5 U.S. Cities that Run on Coffee.

Aug 19, 2019

Over 100 million Americans look forward to taking that first sip of fresh coffee every day. It’s no secret that the caffeine bean has burrowed its way into the hearts of the U.S., but have you ever wondered which U.S. cities are most in love with coffee? We couldn’t help our curiosity, so we did a little digging. Let’s take a look at five cities that truly run on coffee. See if your hometown made the list.

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We all knew this was coming: Seattle is well known across the United States (and the world) as a coffee hotspot for light and dark roast enthusiasts everywhere. Not only does the Emerald City play host to more coffee houses per-capita than anywhere else in the country, the drink is also deeply rooted in Seattle’s history and culture. The Seattle Tea and Coffee House dates back to 1895, and sits near the world’s oldest (and still standing) Starbucks.  

Since 1865, coffee pride in Portland has been no laughing matter. Portland residents have been lucky enough to drink home-brewed coffee since J.F. Jones started running a small spice and coffee trade from the old town back in the 1860’s. Almost 150 well-caffeinated years later, Portland continues to energize its residents with hundreds of coffee shops scattered throughout the city.

In a bustling town like San Jose, it’s no wonder the residents rely on a good cup of joe to keep them at pace with the daily bustle. Although this Nor-Cal town doesn’t have direct roots in the roasting and brewing industry, there are over 200 coffee shops in town, and the average person spends $34 on coffee per month. Now that’s what we call dedication!

The capital of the Colorado Rockies is also the fourth most coffee-fueled city in the U.S. Denver sits near a number of high-altitude coffee roasters that supply the state with unique roasts, which are likely contributors to the massive amounts of coffee consumed in the state capital. Just how much coffee is Denver drinking? Over 126 coffee shops are nestled in the heart of the city, giving residents somewhere to enjoy the state’s snow-filled winters no matter what part of town they live.

San Francisco comes in fifth on our list of U.S. cities that run on coffee, and is also home of the one-and-only James Folger. Back in 1872, Folger began using the San Francisco port to bring Java coffee to the masses.  Today, the bustling town of San Fran has managed to pack over 130 coffee shops into its bay-side streets, providing plenty of liquid energy for its thousands of thirsty residents.

Of the 3,000 cities sprinkled across the U.S., Seattle, Portland, San Jose, and Denver, have earned the right to call themselves the most caffeinated cities in the country - based on the number of coffee shops in town, and the amount of money spent on coffee. Whatever your favorite type of coffee may be, each of these cities is sure to blow you away with options.  

Think your city should be on our list? Tell us why in the comments below!


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