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Jun 03, 2019


Let’s talk about coffee, coffee that is really good and doesn’t need much more preamble than that.

Strange enough the coffee I’m talking about is called Real Good Coffee Company . To the point, that’s what we do, it’s all we want to do, make great coffee that honestly speaks for itself. To say that we love coffee would be an understatement. And it’s because of our passion, we don’t feel like our coffee needs any gimmicks or frills to get your attention.

Our coffee brews true and comes from years of research and testing to be able to make it the very best. We take pride in our roasts, our process, and our products. So we are inviting everyone to try our coffee and follow our blog while we share our expertise, all for the pursuit of awesome coffee.

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We started the Real Good Coffee Company from a desire to be environmentally conscious and provide people with great tasting coffee at a reasonable price. It’s not the most expensive or the cheapest for that matter. We use high quality beans and we don’t feel like we need to dress our packaging up to create a perception that isn’t true. Our value is that the coffee is amazing, from the smell to the taste. There is no need to confuse facts with catch phrases and wordy descriptions - we’ll be very direct about it. You have to try the coffee and no amount of words are going to change that.

Our drive is also fueled by a desire to share the knowledge we’ve gained from our craft. Fostering a community that wants to share and expand their understanding of all things coffee. We’ll be connecting experts throughout the industry with you, our readers. Posts will cover a myriad of topics from the growth of bean to the way it brews into your cup. We will all be able to learn and grow together, which makes you part of our team. Just because Real Good Coffee Co is an excellent product, that doesn’t mean our pursuit is over - in fact, far from it.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey. We’ll share with you where we’ve been and discover where we’ll go together. Most important of all, thank you for reading. Our appreciation for your comments and feedback knows no bounds, so we raise our cup to you, the real good readers, on a real good journey, with Real Good Coffee Co.


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