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100% Arabica Coffee: Debunking the Myth of Quality


When you buy coffee, you may see the words “100% Arabica” printed boldly on the container. While this is a truth, it can be used to communicate a sense of quality that doesn’t exist. The “100% Arabica” label is only a partial indication of quality, a myth if you will, one that needs busting. Debunking that myth and explaining what real good coffee tastes like (and how it is presented to you) will ensure every coffee you drink is exquisite beyond the label.

Arabica is the type of coffee plant. Coffee is a seed contained within a cherry and has numerous varieties, just like apples or cherries. Robusta is one such plant and is often associated with lower quality and less flavorful coffee. “100% Arabica” simply means there is no Robusta in the coffee you just purchased.

However, you may not be getting a delicious, rewarding, cup of coffee every morning. Why? Coffee, being a plant, is a product of agriculture and the environment encompassing it. It could suffer from drought, poor harvesting, or even insect damage. Still, it would fall under the “100% Arabica” label. Without care, passion, and dedication your coffee will be lacking. Quality starts where the coffee is grown.

Coffee is grown in between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, in a region known as the Torrid Zone. It grows best in conditions where altitude, rainfall, sunlight, and soil are in a perfect balance, such as in the highlands of Colombia where some of our premium grade coffee is from. Coffee demands to be scrutinized for appearance, consistency, and ripeness before being picked. The right coffee is selected for further screening and prepared for shipment. Many coffee mills, where the coffee is processed, do this by washing the coffee in water tanks and evenly drying it to ensure a clean, bright, and flavorful coffee reaches our hands.

When we receive coffee we taste it first. We accept it only if it meets our high standards. Our in house tasting specialist, called a Q Grader (think of him as a sommelier for coffee), assesses each coffee we buy for taste and flavor before it reaches your cup. It is then roasted before being packaged immediately. Fresh coffee must be packaged as soon as possible to stabilize the beans and lock in the wonderful tastes the farmers and the roasters have worked so hard to construct.

Make the most of your cup and always ensure your coffee is the right coffee that has been properly inspected for quality and always freshly roasted. Great coffee is bought from the right farms, processed properly, and taste tested to guarantee you are spending your money wisely.

We at Real Good Coffee Co take pride in this. We know it sets us apart and ensures our premium coffees tastes phenomenal each and every time you brew a cup. Yes our coffee is “100% Arabica”, but it’s so much more than that!

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