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Can Caffeine Make You Tired?

Feb 03, 2020

For most people, a hot mug of coffee in the morning helps them get an energetic start to their day. In fact, plenty of professionals buy several bags of eco-friendly whole bean coffee to make sure they never run out of brewed goodness.

Yet some folks swear that coffee makes them fall asleep. Science tells us that drinking coffee is not a foolproof way to push away the zzzs. Could it be that, despite drinking a large latte or sipping an espresso, you start to nod off within the hour? Perhaps, but not due to caffeine. 

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Most Caffeine Drinks Offer a Boost of Energy

If all you drink is black coffee made the old-fashioned way, you should probably get at least a general kick from the caffeine. A well-known stimulant, caffeine makes you feel more awake, energetic, and alert. For this reason, many drinks that are aimed at business professionals, college students, and athletes are infused with caffeine.

Yet caffeine is not the only component in most coffee mugs. As a result, coffee can cause drowsiness after the initial caffeine rush wears off.

Why Does Caffeinated Coffee Make You Sleepy?

Before you blame the caffeine for being ineffective, remember that caffeine only blocks the neurotransmitter called adenosine for a little while. Adenosine creates a feeling of drowsiness, and it keeps producing even when you are enjoying your caffeine high.

As soon as the caffeine wears off, all the adenosine that has intensified comes back with a vengeance. Instead of gradually feeling like you are going to fall asleep, you feel beyond exhausted. No wonder so many coffee lovers pace their drinks throughout the work day or school day to avoid the crushing sense of fatigue.

Over-Sweetening Your Coffee Can Cause Tiredness

Another culprit in your coffee that may make you sleepy is the sugar you add. Most of us have felt a sugar crash, which happens after you eat too much of the sweet stuff. Sugar provides a nice little kick of energy, but its effects are short-lasting and destined to leave you feeling more spent than usual. 

If you like to sweeten your coffee but want to avoid sugar fall-out, try moving to a sugar substitute.

The Importance of Hydrating

A final reason that coffee may make you tired is because you are dehydrated. Coffee is a diuretic, so if you want to drink coffee, be sure to chug some water throughout the day, too. Otherwise, your body will suffer from a lack of oxygen traveling through your bloodstream.

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You can continue to drink the Real Good Coffee you love, of course. Just remember to pace yourself, get plenty of sleep, and drink water. You will feel far less drowsy throughout the day and still be able to enjoy your bean brew.

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