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Coffee From Around the World

Jun 27, 2022

Coffee From Around the World

Have you ever wondered what coffee is like in other countries? Anywhere from Turkey, to Italy, to Cuba — each country has a specific and unique way that they love to drink their morning brew. So get your coffee passports ready and let’s take a tour of coffees from around the world! First stop:




The country of Turkey is known for its Turkish coffee. This thick and strong brew is so essential to Turkish culture that UNESCO (The United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) added it to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013. Turkish coffee is one of the most unique and special ways to make coffee and is full of rich Turkish culture.

You start by grinding the beans as fine as they can be ground. Then, in a Turkish coffee pot, you add cold water, sugar, and the finely ground coffee beans and brew slowly over the fire. The coffee continues to brew until it brews up the perfect amount of dark foam on top. This boiling process should take about three to four minutes. You can make Turkish coffee with any regular coffee beans as long as they are finely ground. (To use Real Good Coffee Co for Turkish coffee we recommend using our Medium Roast beans for a well-balanced brew.)

Turkish coffee is a symbol of friendship and gratitude for those we love the most so the next time you have people over for coffee, try a Turkish brew.




Oh Italy, is practically known for its espresso. You just can't go wrong with a single shot of espresso that has just the perfect amount of crema on top! A perfectly pulled espresso shot should have three definitive layers: the heart, the body, and the crema. The crema is that sweet frothy top that contains all the sweetness of the espresso shot. So, if you can’t see that then your espresso may have been sitting for too long before you sipped it. Since espresso is unique with every shot, try out our Real Good Coffee Nespresso variety pack so you can find out which espresso is your favorite! 




You can never go wrong with a glass of good ol’ Irish Coffee. This hot cup of brew is mixed with Irish whiskey, sugar, and a gorgeous top layer of freshly whipped cream. While it may not be your morning go-to coffee, it is an incredible dessert option that will transport your taste buds to the beautiful lands of Ireland.




Mexico is another country that is known for its coffee — there are plenty of coffee farms all around Mexico. So it’s no wonder that the most popular way to drink their coffee is with the simplest ingredients. Café de Olla is a distinct coffee choice that is a mixture of cinnamon and piloncillo (a native Mexican sugar). Since the only things added to this brew are simply cinnamon and sugar, you are still getting to taste all of the coffee's rich flavors. The cinnamon unlocks the earthy taste of the coffee itself while the sugar enhances the beans' natural sweetness. Next time you are in Mexico, make sure and get yourself one of these delightful brews.




Ethiopian coffee is rich, full of flavor, and bold. Since Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, drinking coffee the way they do is a pretty big deal! They even have traditional coffee ceremonies that could last up to hours long, so you know that Ethiopia knows what it’s doing when it comes to coffee.

In Ethiopia a “Buna” is a coffee-making ceremony that involves roasting the coffee bean, grinding, and brewing the coffee beans all while doing it in a community setting. This tradition is beautiful and full of rich coffee history. In Ethiopia, the Buna is a symbolic ceremony to show respect and friendship. So of course, coffee would be at the center of that.



We can’t have a conversation on International coffee and not talk about France. France is a hotspot for some of the best coffee in Europe that you can drink next to Italy. When you think France, your mind either does to the Eiffel Tower or the cute bistro with a baguette and coffee in hand. France and coffee just go together. Per local favorite, the next time you want to feel Parisian, choose to drink a Café au Lait. A Café au Lait is the perfect combination of ¾ hot brewed coffee with ¼ streamed milk on top of it. The frothy milk layer is reminiscent of a latte and has way more caffeine content since it is made with brewed coffee instead of espresso. It truly is the best of both worlds.




Spanish coffee has a mixture of Hispanic and European tastes thrown into one cup of coffee called the Café bombon. Café bombon is the perfect mixture of condensed milk and espresso. You start by pouring condensed milk for the bottom layer of your glass and then topping it off with steaming hot espresso. Since the condensed milk is much denser than the espresso, it won’t mix in the layering period. This beverage is the perfect amount of strong, creamy, and sweetness to get your day started.


Saudi Arabia

In a lot of Saudi Arabian countries, this coffee of choice is called the Al-Qahwa. The beverage is mixed with an aromatic and expensive spice called cardamom. This brings out all of the gritty and earthy notes that the coffee bean has to offer. When drinking Al-Qahwa it is customary to eat some dates, nuts, or other dried fruits while sipping on your coffee. The spices from the coffee mixed with the sweetness of the fruit is a simply magical experiences.


These eight countries are just a start but there are so many others to learn about and so much culture to soak in. The one thing that is universal in almost every country, is that coffee is best surrounded by friends and community. So grab your favorite coffee brew and gather around the table to enjoy it with friends. Check out Real Good Coffee for all your coffee needs.