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Hosting a Coffee Bar Happy Hour

Jul 30, 2020

Hosting a Coffee Bar Happy Hour


Happy hours are always fun, but they rarely think outside the box. Rather than pass around a tray of the same old mixed drinks, why not put a new twist on the night? Set up a coffee bar where your friends can get their caffeine fix and even have a little fun playing barista!

Here's how to create a coffee happy hour that will have everyone talking — and begging you to host the next get-together.

Prepare Different Brews

Giving your guests the right base to concoct their fun drinks sets the tone for a fun evening. Try a variety of different brews to suit every taste. You might offer:

Each one creates a different base flavor for your guests. They will love experimenting with the different tastes!

Should you use K-Cups, Nespresso pods, or brew a pot of coffee using ground whole beans? Any approach will do! Using K-Cups gives guests the chance to brew their own cups and perhaps lead to less leftover coffee. But leftover coffee is nice to have around, whether you reheat it or use it to make a coffee milkshake.

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Set Up Flavor Pumps

When you go to a coffee shop, the most fun part is picking out what the barista pumps into your coffee. Do you want something sweet or with a little kick? You can give your guests a variety of options. You might try squeeze bottles with elegant chocolate flavors if you host a more formal happy hour. Small plastic bottles of flavors such as vanilla and caramel are also great additions.

Give your guests a taste of the outdoors, too! Hosting an autumn coffee bar? Provide a pumpkin spice pump. Having people over during the holidays? Egg nog makes a solid side. Is it hot outside? In addition to offering some refreshing lighter flavors, also provide guests the option to ice their coffee. They'll appreciate the opportunity to cool down!

Offer Multiple Dairy Options

These days, not everyone drinks milk. Lactose intolerance and vegan lifestyles that embrace plant-based products keep people away from traditional cow's milk. Look out for your guests by serving a variety of creamers and milk products all can enjoy, no matter their dairy preferences. A few ideas include:

  • Oat milk
  • Almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Full fat cow's milk
  • Skim cow's milk

The Sweet Stuff: Closing Out the Bar With Sugar Options

Just as you make lots of dairy choices available, you should also stock up on sugar and sugar alternatives. Some people may want the real thing. Others may prefer Sweet 'N' Low for a lower-calorie option. You can even put out sugar cubes and honey.

Want to really make your guests take notice? Provide a few options to make "Irish" coffee, with an assortment of liquors to finish off your coffee bar. Remember to stock up on our coffee before the party to wow your guests with our 100% recyclable cups and pods as well as our organic line. Your satisfaction, and that of your guests, is guaranteed when you buy our products for your coffee happy hour.


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