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What Coffee Drink Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Oct 05, 2020

coffee drink zodiac sign

coffee drinks zodiac signs

Maybe you're not so sure there's anything to astrology. Nevertheless, you might still wonder if you should try a new coffee drink based on your zodiac sign!

Who knows? The answer to your next coffee house order or home brew could be written in the stars.

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The Right Coffee for Each Zodiac Sign

Below are the 12 signs of the zodiac and the perfect coffees for each:

  • Aries: Aries are known for being pretty darn competitive. To help an Aries stay on top, a double espresso might be the best fit. Of course, a super-strong cold brew coffee could also be a reminder for an Aries that slow and steady wins the race.
  • Taurus: Creative and strong, the coffee drinker born under the Taurus sign will appreciate a cup of Americano or pure espresso. Both types of drinks maximize the flavor of the bean and offer authentic great taste without any frills.
  • Gemini: Offering a sense of duality, Geminis tend to be quite expressive and enjoy mixing things up. For them, the ideal coffee drink could be an espresso con panna, which is just espresso with a bit of whipped cream. The richness and sweetness of the whipped cream present a nice counterbalance to the punch of the espresso.
  • Cancer: There's something about home that cancers just can't get enough of. For that reason, the Cancer coffee lover may want a coffee that's easy to make at any house, even with a basic coffeemaker. If you're a Cancer, try a French-pressed café au lait. The steamed milk and dark roast are lovely ways to start the day and celebrate family and hearth.
  • Leo: With thoughts of grandeur and a sense of royalty, the Leo coffee enthusiast will want a bit of a sophisticated drink that's far from commonplace. Try serving the Leo in your life an affogato with dessert, which is espresso traditionally served atop vanilla ice cream.
  • Virgo: The individual born under the Virgo sign tends to be fairly practical and gentle. What better coffee for Virgo drinkers to enjoy morning, noon, or night than a ristretto? The short espresso amount is just enough caffeine to jump-start any engine, but not enough to overstay its welcome.
  • Libra: Persons born under the Libra sign are well-balanced. Therefore, their coffee should be well-balanced too! A good coffee for the Libra is the standard cappuccino, crafted from a harmonious blend like a breakfast roast.
  • Scorpio: Possessing a bit of a bite, Scorpios lean toward intensity. Irish coffee could be the right coffee for this zodiac sign. For Scorpio coffee lovers looking for a non-alcoholic alternative, a red eye might be a good choice. The red eye is freshly brewed coffee mixed with espresso.
  • Sagittarius: Amusing and extraverted, Sagittarians like to be the center of attention. They won't be happy with a regular old coffee drink. Instead, they'll want something a little flamboyant, such as a frappé that includes some kind of exotic flavored syrup with milk, ice, and espresso.
  • Capricorn: A major personality trait of Capricorns is the ability to be quite serious and get down to business. Their coffee drink should therefore allow them to get right to the coffee flavor, but with a sense of classicism. In other words, a latte made from steamed milk and espresso fits the bill beautifully.
  • Aquarius: Anyone who's known a person born under the Aquarius sign knows how creative they can be. For an imaginative coffee drink, why not choose Turkish coffee for an Aquarius? Turkish coffee is brewed from finely ground beans and then boiled up with spices. It's delightful and a bit surprising for many Americans.
  • Pisces: True artists often fall under the sign of Pisces. No matter what type of coffee drink you choose, make sure it has plenty of froth. That way, the barista can whip up some kind of amazing artistry in the froth to woo the Pisces heart, mind, and palate.

Have Coffee Your Way, No Matter Your Zodiac Sign

Of course, just because a coffee fits your zodiac sign doesn't mean you can't explore the wide world of coffee drinks. All you need is a two-pound bag of the best coffee, a grinder, and maybe a few add-ons like milk, creamer, or stevia.

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