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4 Zoom Backgrounds for Coffee Lovers

Oct 02, 2020

Hopping onto a Zoom call has become as commonplace as stepping into a conference room or meeting up at a local bookstore. In fact, the world’s gone online as much as possible for communications. And Zoom offers plenty of ways to make the experience unique for users.

One fun Zoom option is the ability to create a background. If you’re a coffee fan, you definitely want to show off your appreciation for your beverage of choice by choosing a java-themed Zoom background.

Below are four cool Zoom virtual backgrounds for coffee lovers. They’re sure to win a thumbs-up reaction from the other coffee drinkers in your teleconference!

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1. Pretend You're at the Coffee House

What happens if you're sitting in your house with lots of clutter in the background? Simply find yourself a free-use picture of the coziest coffee shop you can find.

With a coffee house Zoom background, you'll appear to be hanging out at your favorite location, just chilling at a comfy cafe table. Use this type of Zoom virtual background when:

  • You want to seem relaxed.
  • You're with people who are also drinking coffee.
  • You're trying to convey a fresh, modern feel with your background.

2. Go for an Educational Coffee-Related Zoom Background

Coffee beans come from all over the world, including places like Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Sumatra. However, many people probably don't know that coffee is grown in so many places.

You can use your Zoom coffee background to give other viewers a taste of the widespread nature of coffee growing. Just upload a picture of the world with famous coffee-growing areas highlighted.

When is this kind of Zoom background practical?

  • You want to appear intellectual.
  • You're on a call that's a bit serious, but not too serious.
  • You know your coworkers would be interested in hearing about coffee's origins.

3. Give Your Background a Cartoonish Touch

Maybe you want to look like you're thinking about coffee, as if you're a cartoon character with a balloon thought-bubble above your head. Perhaps you want it to look like you're being handed a hand-drawn cup o' joe from a comic character.

Zoom backgrounds with graphics can help you elicit more of a silly, laid-back atmosphere. So what's a good time to choose a lighter-touch background?

  • Your Zoom meeting is a lunch or after-work "happy hour."
  • You are on a Zoom call with buddies.
  • You know that other Zoom attendees will have goofy backgrounds — including the boss.

4. Make the Zoom Background a Nod to Coffee

Coffee beans. A huge coffee cup. A bag of your favorite whole-bean coffee in all its two-pound glory. Sometimes, simple images like these are exactly what you want. After all, they allow you to celebrate coffee in its most basic forms.

Try this Zoom coffee background when:

  • You just need a really solid background that gets the point across: You. Love. Coffee.
  • You're looking for a simple Zoom background that's casually professional.
  • You're fairly sure everyone in your meeting will wish they had chosen the background first.

Just remember that no matter what type of virtual Zoom background you choose, you always have the option of renaming yourself. Queen of Coffee, anyone?

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