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Guide to Christmas Coffee

Nov 11, 2021

Guide to Christmas Coffee

Christmas is around the corner, and you know what that means for us coffee lovers: we can indulge in more or less the same amount of decadent, self-indulgent coffee beverages without the judgement, the looks, and, frankly, the guilty conscience. 

One thing that’s very helpful to do before the season is upon us is to get ready by making a list of the potential recipes that we’re going to be trying to make at home, maybe categorizing them depending on the occasion. 

To that purpose, we’ll be teaching you all about the three types of Christmas drinks there are and what ingredients you’re going to be needing.

Types of Christmas Coffee

#1 The Sweet Tooth Coffee

A classic. Christmas is literally the best excuse on the planet for stuffing ourselves with every single sweet food and beverage we can get our hands on, and coffee is no different. There’s tons of sweet beverages out there, but coffee is definitely one of people’s favorites. 

There are three ingredients that are absolutely key for these beverages:

  • Whipped cream
    It isn’t a surprise that whipped cream is at the top of the list. Anything that can go with whipped cream will get a nice serving of it on top.

    For this ingredient we highly recommend doing it at home. There are even whipped cream canisters that you can buy for making your own whipped cream at home and then putting it in these clever canisters that let you have the store-bought experience. Only healthier, more convenient, and cheaper!

    For vegans, there are tons of brands that carry vegan whipped cream. You can also make your own by using aquafaba; it’s quite simple, and cheaper than actual whipped cream! 
  • Eggnog
    Eggnog is a frothy, delicious preparation made with sugar, milk, and eggs. It is a Christmas favorite all over the world for its savory texture and sweetness.

    Eggnog is the ideal companion for coffee as it has all of the ingredients that are ever used for coffee. Even egg is a typical ingredient in coffee culture (see Vietnamese egg coffee), and the overall texture that it achieves is what every barista dreams of.

  • Ground cinnamon
    Although cinnamon is featured year-long in many coffee shops, there is no season more fitting for the use of cinnamon that Christmas. It’s that earthy, warm flavor that we love so much and that we treasure most during the winter.

  • Cream
    This is probably an ingredient that’s in most people’s fridges. But during the merry season, you better stack up. Cream goes well with almost all other Christmas ingredients and you’re going to want to use it for every single coffee you drink. Black coffee? What is this, Halloween Town?

  • Chocolate syrup
    An absolute must have during this season! You’re going to be using chocolate syrup more than ever. Drizzling it on top of virtually every single coffee you make, even more so if you’re also using whipped cream. Whipped cream and chocolate syrup are a killer combo that will brighten up your days.

#2 The Happy Coffee

You know what Christmas is also a great excuse for? Booze. You can have alcoholic drinks basically all day and no one bats an eye because instead of drinking straight-up whiskey, you can drink an Irish coffee which looks innocent and sweet but will mess you up faster than you can say “Merry Christmas!”. 

So, with that in mind, let’s explore some of the best liquors to go with your Christmas coffee beverage: 

  • Coffee liqueur
    This is a type of liquor made using coffee beans. It is, basically, coffee-infused liquor which goes a long way in preparing all sorts of different coffee-based cocktails. It doesn’t act as a substitute for actual coffee, but as a booster. It has a different flavor, more nuanced and spicier.

    Another great option is white chocolate liqueur, which is made from cocoa solids and has no caffeine at all, yet the flavor is somewhat similar.

  • Grappa
    Grappa is a type of spirit that has been made in Italy for a very long time. It is made from the same raw materials as wine but the process is very different. It is the ideal lazy ingredient for when you want to make a coffee cocktail but don’t have the energy to whip out anything besides cream and liquor. A few drops of grappa add layers of flavor.

    You can also use brandy, which creates a very similar flavor in combination with coffee, although grappa is more recommended as it has a unique, vibrant flavor that is impossible to recreate with any other ingredient.

  • Vodka
    A must-have because of how versatile it is. You can use vodka on almost any recipe and it will, guaranteed, go well with the flavor of the beverage. That’s just how adaptable vodka is.

    Vodka goes great with recipes containing cream, whipped cream, eggnog. It even pairs well with coffee liqueur in many recipes if you want a little more punch in your drink. There’s also the coffee martini, which is basically just coffee and vodka.

  • Amaretto
    This liquor is made using almonds and has a very sweet, nutty taste. This means that it is a great candidate for most coffee drinks, as it can add this nice nutty, earthy flavor that is always a great addition in any coffee beverage and sweeten at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

#3 The Themed Coffee

This can go both ways. It can be easier for households that like to prepare Christmas season foods and already have all of these things on hand. If you don’t, however, you will have to go out and buy all of these Christmas ingredients just for your coffee. Worth it, though. 

  • Gingerbread spice

A sweet, earthy mix that features all the spices that make life worth living — plus a healthy dose of brown sugar. This will go great in many recipes, and a simple splash of gingerbread spice in your latte already makes for a Christmassy, delicious beverage.

You can also make it at home, if you like rolling up your sleeves and smelling like cinnamon all day.

  • Butterscotch syrup
    Syrup is the ultimate coffee flavorer. It has the perfect texture for any coffee beverage and it’s very easy to mix into the drink unlike powdered ingredients. Starbucks, by the way, turns almost all their condiments into syrup. That’s how they do it.

    Butterscotch is a classic flavor that is heavily featured during the Holidays, so it makes a lot of sense to keep it at home. You can add a splash of it in your coffee. It goes particularly well drizzled on top of whipped cream!

  • Marshmallows
    Nothing says Christmas like marshmallows! You can use marshmallows in any kind of way. Mix them in with your coffee so they melt slowly and add a nice chewiness to it, or you can even sprinkle them on top of your coffee after it’s all done.

    Either way, the addition of marshmallows to coffee (or to anything, really) can’t but make it better.

  • Peppermint syrup
    Yes indeed, another syrup! This is a somewhat surprising one that you might have a little trouble adjusting to but believe us when we say that peppermint and coffee were meant to be together. There is just something about the fresh flavor of peppermint that enhances the flavor of coffee and turns it into a super unique experience.

    You can buy syrup or actually make it yourself in under five minutes; all you need is some peppermint leaves, sugar, and water.

That’s about it. Stock up on these ingredients so that, come Christmas, you’ll be able to create just about any Christmas-related coffee that you can ever come up with, any exciting beverage that you see on TV or in a fever dream. The key, they say, is being prepared.