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Home Coffee Bar Must Haves

May 16, 2022

Home Coffee Bar Must Haves

If you’re a coffee lover then there is a very high chance that you have a section of your counter specifically for a coffee maker and all your coffee needs. So what if you wanted to level that up just a bit? For all of the at-home baristas - this is the list you need! We are going to talk through everything that you will need to make your at-home coffee bar as incredible as a coffee shop. Be careful, if you have all of the tools you need at home, you may not even go to another coffee shop again. So, let’s dive in with the first things you will need to level up your home coffee game. So let’s get going and make your coffee bar the star of your kitchen.


Coffee Makers

There are plenty of different ways to brew your morning coffee and it depends on your personal preference.



Regular Coffee Pot: This is a good base for just a regular cup of coffee. You can go with the standard 12 cup pot that you saw your parents use, a single-use K Cup pod, or a top of the line coffee maker. The options are endless and so is the aesthetic. Long gone are the days of the big, bulky, black coffee makers. Now, there are so many you can choose from that are gorgeous to look at and are great quality.


Espresso Machine: If you are a latte lover, go with an espresso maker. You will feel like a certified barista when you can make your own espresso at home. Home espresso machines have become very popular and most machines come with everything necessary to make the perfect latte. Whether it's a Nespresso, a high-end espresso machine, or even a Mr. Coffee espresso machine there are plenty to choose from depending on how much you are wanting to spend.


Pour Over: If you prefer a single cup pour over, then get yourself a Chemex or even a Kalita Wave pour-over coffee dripper. There's nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee made just for you.


French Press: If you like your coffee more on the stronger side then a French Press is the way to go. There are plenty of options and styles to choose from to elevate your coffee drinking experience.


Aeropress: This is a handy and simple gadget to be able to make your morning coffee. It’s a one stop shop that allows you to make a single cup of coffee specifically to your liking. To make things even better, it’s easy to travel with!  All you need is an Aeropress, coffee grounds, and hot water then you’re good to go.


Cold Brew Maker: There are few things better than a cold brew in the summer heat. Since summer is quickly upon us, this may be the thing you will use the most instead of your day to day hot coffee. There are plenty of different cold brew makers on the market so it should be easy to find which one makes the most sense for your space.




A machine is only as good as the coffee you use. If you are using a generic brand from the store you are risking the quality of your morning cup of Joe. You pay for quality when it comes to your coffee choices.

Here at Real Good Coffee Co. We focus on making sure that quality is our top priority to make sure we give you a REAL GOOD cup of coffee. We know that good coffee shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, so we have made our product affordable for you! (That way you can have extra money to buy all those fancy coffee accessories you have been eyeing.) We serve it all here at Real Good Coffee Co. Whole bean coffee? Got it. Keurig cups or Nespresso pods? We have you covered there too. We even have cold brew coffee ready to go for you.

To make things even better -- save yourself a trip to the store. Subscribe to our automatic coffee shipment, choose how often you want your coffee delivered, and save 5%. Quality coffee doesn’t have to be complicated so we are here to make it easy for you.


Syrups: If your coffee already tastes like a million bucks on its own, then it will taste like a billion bucks when you add in some tasty flavored syrup! Syrups take your home coffee experience and make you feel like you were transported to your favorite coffee shop. Quality syrup is everything, so if you make it at home then you know it's gonna be good. If you choose to buy your syrup pre-made then check out Molin for quality and variety.




Coffee Accessories



Coffee Grinder: Coffee stays fresh for longer if you buy it whole bean and then grind as you go.

The benefit of having a grinder at home and using whole bean coffee is that you can use that one bag of coffee multiple ways during the week. On Monday you’re feeling a French press? No problem. Then on Wednesday, you can grind that same coffee for a pour-over. For fresh coffee every morning — a coffee grinder is a must-have.


Milk Frother:  If you love lattes, cappuccinos, or even cold foam on your cold brew then a milk frother is what you need to add to your coffee bar. A milk frother lets you get that coffee shop style latte right at home. If you want to really be an at-home barista — try your hand at some latte art.

If you are on a budget or don’t have enough space on your counter, then you can also buy a handheld milk frother. This is great for cold foam, getting your milk to a latte texture, or you can even take it with you when you travel.


Airtight Container: The more your coffee is exposed to air, the more it will deteriorate the quality of your coffee faster than it should. The best way to make that not happen? Using an airtight container for storage. It's not just the pretty thing to do, it’s also the best way to keep your coffee freshest for the longest.


Gooseneck Kettle: If you love pour-overs then you need a gooseneck kettle. These kettles allow you to evenly distribute the water over your coffee grounds in a controlled way. This makes sure that you are getting the absolute best cup of coffee.


Coffee Scale: If you are doing a pour-over with a kettle then you will definitely need a coffee scale to use with it. This will allow you to weigh out your coffee to water ratio; that way your coffee isn’t coming out too watery.


Mugs: MUGS!! The experience of coffee is at least 40% of what mug you decide to use every morning. So make sure it’s something fun and true to you!  
If you have the space at your coffee bar it's a good idea to get a mug holder tree so your mugs are always within reach and it doubles as decor since you can display your favorite mugs!


Coffee Station organizer: This is a must if you use K-Cups or Nespresso Pods. An organizer can make your space look more put together rather than keeping the cardboard box your K-Cups came in. This can also be used to hold sugar, syrups, and other fun coffee add ins to keep your coffee station looking very put together. 

You can't forget a coffee bar sign! Make the space more welcoming and cozy with some of your favorite like you with some your favorite coffee saying.