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How Long Does Coffee Last?

Sep 29, 2020

Does coffee expire? In short, yes. A cup of spoiled coffee won't make you sick, but, you should store your coffee correctly so that you can savor each roast's flavors and aromas. After all, your coffee wouldn't be as yummy without those components.

How Long Does Coffee Last?

Your coffee's lifespan depends on whether it's whole, ground or brewed. While you won't experience food poisoning or illness from spoiled coffee, you'll notice that it's stale and flavorless. If you want strong, tasty coffee, it's essential to follow freshness guidelines:

  • Coffee beans: How long do coffee beans last? Once the bag is opened, this option tends to stay fresh for up to four weeks. By then, they'll have lost their flavor due to light, heat and other elements.
  • Ground coffee: Your ground coffee will likely spoil after two weeks. The grinding process causes coffee beans to lose their flavor oils.
  • Brewed coffee: A pot of coffee stays fresh for around 12 hours after you brew it. You can refrigerate your brewed coffee for four days.

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What Coffee Lasts the Longest?

A light roast lasts longer than a medium or dark roast. This difference occurs because there's less carbon dioxide at play. For instance, Real Good Coffee Company's dark French roast will have a slightly shorter shelf life than its light breakfast blend. You can also expect sealed bags of coffee to stay fresh for a lengthier period because it does not allow oxygen to spoil the beans.

How to Tell When Coffee Has Gone Bad

Your coffee eventually loses its bold flavor and aroma. A variety of factors, including oxygen, break down oils and other components that make up coffee's overall composition. A cup of "bad" coffee won't hurt you, but it'll taste and smell stale. You can determine whether your coffee has gone bad with your nose. Are your beans or grounds odorless? They've likely spoiled.

How to Store Coffee Beans and Grounds

Does coffee go bad? Yes, but only if you don't store it properly. It's best to use an opaque, airtight container to store your beans and grounds. You can place your coffee containers inside a dark, dry cabinet to keep them fresh and limit their exposure to light or oxygen. Your coffee should last up to four weeks as a result.

Can You Freeze Coffee Beans and Grounds?

You should avoid your refrigerator and freezer when storing coffee beans and grounds. They can lose their flavor and smell after you take them out. Coffee has a fragile cell structure that will age faster if you choose a poor storage method. Plus, cold air is full of moisture and moisture is bad for coffee beans and grounds. Stick to a dark, dry cabinet.

What to Do With Old Coffee Beans and Grounds

You can reuse your coffee beans once they've spoiled. There are many ways to recycle coffee, whether you'd like to start a compost bin, make a body scrub or do some cooking with coffee as an ingredient. Search for different methods you can try around your house. Do you have a garden? If so, you can dump them into your soil for natural fertilizer.

Buy Small-Batch Coffee From Real Good Coffee Company for a Fresher Brew

It's time to share your newfound knowledge with your friends and family! Real Good Coffee Company offers premium small-batch coffee so that you can drink a fresh cup every morning. Preparing a small portion of coffee is the best way to avoid a poor cup. From whole bean coffee to single-cup pods, we offer a range of brews to please every palate.


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