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Ice Cube Hacks for Iced Coffee

May 24, 2022

Ice Cube Hacks for Iced Coffee

Sipping on your iced coffee, working on projects, and then you realize that the ice in your coffee has watered down your sweet golden liquid to an almost clear nothing. Watered down coffee just isn’t enjoyable, and for those of us that love to sip and not chug down our coffee. Sadly, this ends up with the last couple of sips of coffee being neglected. But, if you’re making your iced coffee at home then thankfully there’s a super easy and simple way to make sure you never have to have watered down coffee again.

          Whoever was brilliant enough to come up with this life-hack deserves a gold star! All you need is an ice cube tray and coffee and three steps.


1)        Buy some ice cube trays (or use ones you have at home)

2)        Brew fresh coffee and let it cool down to room temperature

3)        Pour coffee into the ice tray and freeze overnight


Coffee ice cubes are the perfect thing to elevate so many different recipes! You can use it for its main purpose of making sure your iced coffee isn’t watered down but there are plenty of other creative purposes as well.


If you are an espresso lover, swap the coffee out with espresso! Simply repeat the steps above but brew a few shots of your favorite espresso instead of coffee, let it cool, and fill the ice cube trays with the espresso to freeze overnight for espresso ice cubes. Try our espresso pods for strong, quality flavor. 


Finally, another way to avoid watered down iced coffee is by creating ice cubes using your favorite coffee creamer or milk. Pour the creamer (or milk of choice) into the ice cube trays and freeze overnight before enjoying in your fresh cup of joe. 



Coffee Cubes + Liquor


  • Use a frozen coffee cube to cool down your glass of whiskey for a refreshing summer sip.
  • Watered down cocktails are far from delightful, so use frozen coffee cubes to easily cool down your coffee cocktails without losing the flavor.
  • How about an Irish Coffee with a twist? Use your coffee ice cubes with your iced coffee, add in a shot of Irish cream and enjoy. (Don’t forget to add some whipped cream on top!)


Coffee Cubes + Coffee


  • Make your classic iced coffee but swap out regular iced cubes for your new coffee cubes. Start by brewing some of our cold brew coffee and add in as many coffee iced cubes as you want. Top with your favorite milk or creamer and enjoy as your normally would, this time without having to deal with watered down iced coffee! 
  • Make a twist on your favorite latte and instead of using espresso, use your frozen coffee cubes. Fill up a glass with frozen coffee and then top off with your favorite milk of choice. We recommend waiting a little bit for the cubes to melt but after that, you are set to sip away all day!
  • Use these frozen coffee cubes in your next frappe mixture to amp up your caffeine intake. You’ll never use regular ice cubes in your frappe again after you use coffee ice cubes. Extra flavor and extra caffeine — you can’t go wrong with that!
  • For something really out of the box, try a coffee cube in your next glass of lemonade for a sweet dose of caffeine.



Coffee Creamer Cubes + Coffee

  • Add a few of your coffee creamer cubes into a glass and fill your cup with brewed iced coffee (or brewed espresso). We recommend only using a few cubes of the creamer, depending on your preference, and waiting a little for the cubes to melt slightly. Stir and enjoy your iced coffee! 


Ice cube trays have gotten super unique lately and come in all shapes and sizes. You can even get ice cube trays that are in the shape of a coffee bean if you want an aesthetic brew! Once you fall in love with coffee ice cubes you can start to get creative with how you freeze them because the options are endless!