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Making Coffee From Whole Beans 101

Feb 24, 2022

Making Coffee From Whole Beans 101

If you are interested in brewing your own coffee from whole coffee beans but are unsure of where to begin, we're here to help take you through the process. While you can certainly use a grinder to gind the beans into fresh coffee grounds, you can also make a fresh cup of coffee from whole beans without a grinder.  All you need are some quality whole beans to create a strong, flavorful cup of coffee.


We will discuss two methods to use whole beans to make coffee in this article, with a grinder and without. First, we will look at how you can make coffee without using a coffee grinder or other fancy tools.


Why Use Whole Beans?

  • Uneven Grind - Not all coffee grinders will not provide an even grind. Some may leave you with large bean fragments that can ultimately affect the coffee taste. Uneven grinds can leave you with less flavor or even leave you with very bitter tasting coffee. So it is better to brew the beans as is, or, ensure an even grind. Ground coffee can last up to 7-10 days before it starts to lose its robust flavor.


  • Beans Could Get Deteriorated - Carbon dioxide, Moisture, Oxidation, and Contamination, are some of the many elements to deal with after grinding coffee that can lead to less flavor. The oxidation process speeds up when the beans are grinded. This causes the coffee shelf life to be reduced drastically. This also means the pre-ground coffee bags that you buy may have less flavor, compared to whole beans. Moisturization can also remove tasty coffee notes in your fresh brew.   So try the method below to brew coffee straight from whole beans to avoid losing flavor.


Materials Needed To Brew Whole Beans

Here are some common materials that you might need in order to make your morning cup of brew. These are common tools that you will have at your house.

  • Small saucepan
  • Mason Jar (One-Pint)
  • Boiling Water
  • Mug
  • Spoon
  • Strainer
  • And lastly, whole coffee beans.



Steps To Make Your Coffee

Make your way to the kitchen and follow the steps mentioned below to get the best results possible.


Step 1 - Measuring the Beans

Depending on your need, you will have to decide how many coffee beans you are going to brew. Here, we are adding 3-quarters of a cup in the jar.



Step 2 - Adding the Hot Water

Boil water and add it to the mason jar about 3-quarters. This will help the beans to get moist and start the brewing process.


Step 3 - Turn up the Heat

Get some water in your saucepan and start heating it. Make sure the water in the saucepan and mason jar is level after placing the mason jar in the saucepan.

This simmering process will help the beans to extract oil.


Step - 4 Patience

Have some patience and let the heat do its work. You can stir the beans occasionally and in the meantime, you can go about your usual morning routine. 

After 30 minutes or so, the water will slowly look like coffee.

Soon, you will start to smell that fresh, delicious coffee aroma. This means you are almost there.


Step 5 - Strain the Coffee

Once you have successfully waited for about an hour, get a strainer that fits over a cup or a bowl. Next, pour to coffee from the hot mason jar over the strainer into the bowl or cup. Ensure you are wearing hot pads or oven mitts while handling the hot mason jar. 

The strainer will catch the beans from going into the freshly brewed coffee. 

Now enjoy your fresh cup of brewed coffee! 


Making Whole Bean Coffee Using a Grinder

Here is a quick guide on how to make whole beans coffee using a Chemex filter, a pour-over glass coffee maker. Using a pour-over coffee maker is easy and efficient to use. All you are going to need is mentioned down below -

  • Chemex (or a similar pour-over style glass coffeemaker) and its filter
  • Electric Burr Grinder (to get fine coffee grinds)
  • Food Scale (to measure the number of coffee grinds you will need)

The food scale is not mandatory, as you can guesstimate the measurements and make the coffee.



Step 1 - Grind

Start heating your water until it begins boiling. Next, use the grinder and grind the coffee beans finely.


Step 2 - Measure the Coffee

Use the food scale, if you have one, and measure 34 grams (or 1.20 oz) of the  ground coffee to make two cups of coffee. Medium roasted coffee beans are best for Chemex.


Step 3 - Using Filter and Blooming Process

Place your Chemex filter on the Chemex and pour some hot water on the paper to remove any paper-like taste. Add your ground coffee and pour some hot water to let it soak. This soaking process is called blooming, and you will want to let it bloom for at least 1 minute.



Step 4 - Let it brew!

Pour hot water gently on the grind in circular motions. Let the Chemex and its filter do the rest of the work. Once the brewing is done, remove the filter and pour your coffee into the cup.


Now you can enjoy your brewed coffee from freshly ground coffee at home. 



Using whole beans is simple and give you complete control over the brewing process. When first learning, you may need to adjust the process to get your desired taste, but in time you will get the hang of it. 

We learned two methods, one without a grinder or other mainstream tools and the other with a grinder and pour-over coffee filter.

One thing is for sure, once you get used to this process, there's no going back. Other ground coffees will taste bland and weak compared to your freshly ground cup of joe. Head over to Real Good Coffee Co. to find quality whole beans to start brewing your own coffee now!