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Mocha vs. Hot Chocolate

Apr 22, 2021

Mocha and hot chocolate are both excellent ways to warm up on a cool day and to satisfy your sweet tooth. Only mocha gives you an added caffeine boost, though.

Hot chocolate is delicious at any time and even kids can drink it. Mocha is definitely for grown-ups and can be the ideal date drink or even a treat at home.

The Difference Between Mocha and Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate has been around for thousands of years. In the days of the Aztecs, it was a savory drink enjoyed by kings. When the drink made its way to Europe in the early 1500s, it caused a sensation. Over the years, fans of hot chocolate began adding sugar and even spices to the drink.

Today, you can enjoy hot chocolate plain or with flavorings like caramel or mint. Hot chocolate can be topped with marshmallows, syrup, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, and just about anything else. At its heart, though, it’s a hot beverage made of powdered or melted chocolate and milk.

Mocha, on the other hand, is a hot chocolate with added coffee. Although it looks like hot chocolate, it definitely adds a jolt of caffeine to your day.

What Is the Best Chocolate for Mochas?

The secret to a good mocha comes down to excellent ingredients, including quality chocolate and coffee. A bitter blend of coffee can overpower the chocolate and leave an aftertaste.

If you want to make your own mocha at home, start with 100% Arabica beans. They don’t have the bitterness of Robusta beans or a Robusta-Arabica blend. 

Look for quality chocolate, too. You can purchase squares of chocolate or even bars and melt them in a double-broiler. Unsweetened cocoa powder or a quality hot chocolate mix will also work well. Many people prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate for this drink, as the coffee already adds a hint of bitterness and complexity. If you like a very sweet drink, you can even try white chocolate. 

Our Favorite Mocha Recipe

We keep our mocha simple at Real Good Coffee Co. We start by brewing a cup of our Donut Shop Medium Roast Coffee. When it's ready, we add a heaping teaspoon and a half of sugar. Feel free to add more or less or even swap out the sugar with your favorite substitute.

Next, we add in a few spoonfuls of hot chocolate mix or unsweetened cocoa powder. We stir vigorously until everything is blended, and then we top up our cup with fresh half-and-half. Finally, if we’re feeling indulgent, we top off our cup with a few spoons of fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings or a swirl of chocolate sauce. Around the holidays, we’ve even been known to pop a candy cane into the mug.

The result? A gorgeous, mouthwatering cup of mocha.

Are You Making Your Own Mocha at Home?

At Real Good Coffee Co, we use fresh 100% Arabica beans to make our coffee. Choose from whole beans or coffee pods in a variety of blends to make the perfect mocha in your own kitchen.