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What States Drink the Most Coffee?

Aug 02, 2020

What States Drink the Most Coffee?


Have you ever wondered which states drink the most coffee? The average person drinks 2.1 cups of coffee per day. But in some states, they consume way more than the average. So which ones are getting the largest caffeine buzz?

We have a list of the top coffee consumption by state. Is your state on here? Time to take a look and analyze the results!

The Biggest Coffee-Drinking States

It may not be a surprise to learn that the Number One state for drinking coffee is New York. New Yorkers sure love their coffee. In NYC, there seems to be a coffee shop on every corner. They not only consume more of it than any other state, but they also pay the most for a cup of cappuccino compared to other states.

It will probably come as no surprise that the Number Two state is Washington. Seattle dwellers adore their coffee, too. According to Wallet Hub, residents drink even more than their counterparts in New York City, taking the Top City designation across the nation.

Three of the five biggest coffee states are on the West Coast. California, which has two of the Top Five cities in coffee consumption, ranks Number Three. Nearby Oregon, where Portland sits as the Number Four city, ranks Fourth overall among states. California residents also spend the most for their coffee, while those in Midwest states such as Ohio and Oklahoma spend the least.

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Where Is Coffee Least Popular?

Coffee seems to be most popular in states with big cities, where people can find a lot of coffee shops to cater to their caffeine addiction. So where are you least likely to find coffee drinkers?

While the northeast and Pacific regions seem to have the most coffee drinkers, you will find the fewest coffee drinkers in the South. Why the low numbers? It may be for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Lack of access: There are fewer coffee shops in many Southern states than there are in coffee hubs like Seattle and NYC.
  • Climate: It's hot in the South, and while iced coffee is certainly a great way to cool off, hot coffee may be less appealing.
  • Tradition: Tea is oftentimes associated with the South.

Of course, lower coffee consumption doesn't mean people in the South don't drink this delicious beverage. They just drink a little less of it. Chances are good you'll find coffee devotees no matter which state you land in. Make sure to check out regional options for coffee, too, since every city seems to have a slight variation on traditional or regional coffee flavors.

If these coffee consumption statistics tell us anything, it's that Americans sure do love their coffee! Next time you need your caffeine fix, try something from our lineup. We sell 100% recyclable single-serve coffee cups and espresso and pods, and your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed with every purchase. You can also buy from our organic line to feel even better about your purchase, and shipping is always free.

Make your selection today, and maybe you'll boost your state into the Top 10 for coffee consumption!


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