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The Best Pastries To Pair With Your Coffee

Jun 14, 2022

The Best Pastries To Pair With Your Coffee

If we’re being honest, coffee is amazing all on its own but sometimes you just want something to nibble on while you’re enjoying your hot (or cold) morning brew. So, what are some of the best coffee and food pairings you might ask? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Everything from sweet to savory and each pairing is sure to not only fix those snack cravings but it will also enhance you’re the flavor of your coffee. Let’s get started!


              Before we begin, whether you are a black coffee drinker, an espresso lover, or a cold brew fanatic there are a couple of things to note. First off, while these pairings are what we think complement each other the most – there is no hard and fast rule about what SHOULD be paired with your coffee. Unlike wine, coffee and food pairings are pretty flexible and based on what you love.


              If you are a black coffee drinker by nature, then you know the importance of roast and tasting notes for your coffee. Our Real Good Coffee Donut Shop blend is going to have a very different flavor profile than our dark roast coffee. Our light roast is going to be much airier than our medium blend. Keep the roast in mind when it comes to pairing things with your coffee. Find what the notes of your coffee are and try to match your notes to what you are nibbling on.


Black Coffee + Croissant / Coffee Cake



 Black coffee is a classic. Whether it is a smooth breakfast blend or a robust French Roast you can not go wrong with a simple cup of black coffee. (You can find our signature breakfast blend and French Roast whole bean options at our Real Good Coffee Co. store.)


              While a croissant with your coffee isn’t new to anyone, it is a tried and true couple for a reason! Give that croissant a little dip in your morning cup of joe and let your taste buds come alive! There’s just something about that buttery flavor that enhances your morning blend and it will feel like you've been transported to the streets of Paris.


              If you are wanting something a little more on the sweet side for your morning cup of coffee, you can never go wrong with a coffee cake. This subtly sweet cake is the perfect addition to your morning routine. The mixture of the vanilla and the cinnamon from the cake with make your dark French Roast come to life and add a balance to both your coffee and cake and your dark coffee.


Vanilla Latte + Almond Croissant



Depending on how much syrup you choose to get in your vanilla latte, this is normally a subtle yet sweet coffee choice. Since the vanilla isn’t over-bearing an almond croissant is one of the best pastries to pair with this. A latte is more steamed milk than coffee and mixed with vanilla syrup, when you take a bite after a sip of your latte, it’s almost like you are eating a cake for breakfast. The sweet almond filling and the vanilla work magic together in this pairing and this might become your new favorite.


Caramel Macchiato + Shortbread



   Caramel Macchiatos are deliciously sweet and the perfect afternoon (or morning) pick me up. The delightful mixture of the vanilla and caramel drizzle is undeniably addicting and we don’t want to take away from that. To make sure that we aren’t compromising that delicious caramel flavor, shortbread is the best thing to pair with this cup of coffee. Shortbread is subtly sweet with hints of vanilla, so it is perfect to munch on without being overwhelmed with sugar.


Americano + Blueberry Scone



    Americanos are for the coffee lovers that love black coffee but love the flavor of espresso. An americano consists of a shot of espresso and hot water – that’s it! Note that the kind of espresso you use will dictate how your coffee tastes. Most espresso blends have notes of berries or fruit in them, so we went with a blueberry (or any fruit scone really) to pair with an americano. By nibbling on something that has fruit in it, the fruity notes in your espresso will shine all the more bright!


Mocha + Chocolate Chip Muffin



  When you need that chocolate craving satisfied and your cup of caffeine — a mocha is a perfect choice for you! If you are already committing to a chocolate coffee, then let’s just go the full distance. You know that a chocolate chip muffin with your mocha is going to start your day off just right.


Cappuccino + Danish



Cappuccinos are not for the light of heart coffee drinker. This 5oz-6oz cup of coffee is short, sweet, and to the point. It consists of one to two shots of espresso and then topped off with steam milk and a nice layer of frothy foam. (Note: a lot of coffee shops make this differently. So be sure to ask your barista how they make it before ordering.) With a cappuccino, you get to taste a beautiful blend of espresso and milk as it’s the perfect amount of each. So of course, you should pair this with a cheese danish or a fruit danish since they are also the perfect amount of filling and pastry.


Espresso + Biscotti



    If you are an espresso drinker, then you are wanting a quick jolt to jumpstart your day. Sometimes, you just don’t always have the time to sit and sip on an americano or a hot brew. To compliment your quick caffeine intake, we suggest pairing your next shot of espresso with a biscotti. There are so many different kinds and they are quick and easy to eat on the go (just watch out for crumbs). Taking a quick bite of biscotti after your espresso shot is super to put a smile on your face and give you the energy to conquer the day. 


No matter what your coffee or pastry preference is in the morning (or noon….or night) there are so many delicious ways to pair them together. This list is just some couplings that we love to enjoy together but what you choose is up to you. Get creative, look at your coffee notes, and get to pairing! Don't forget to check out our coffee selection at Real Good Coffee co.