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The Best Tips to Brewing Strong Coffee at Home

Apr 22, 2022

The Best Tips to Brewing Strong Coffee at Home

A layman would think that brewing a strong cup of coffee is easy! Just add a tablespoon of extra coffee grounds, and it's done. Only a true coffee lover knows the complexity of brewing a warm, flavorful bold cup of coffee to perfection. Once you sip it, there is no going back!


Achieving that rich, intense flavor that finishes smoothly without any rash bitterness requires trial and error! After all, the unforgettable coffee you relished at a cafe was probably prepared by a skilled coffee expert with years of brewing experience.


To simplify the task, all the key elements necessary to brew the classic cup of strong coffee are compiled right here. The journey begins with picking the right beans, selecting the roast type, grinding appropriately, and knowing the water, brewing temperature, & correct ratios.



  1. Pick The Right Beans


Select premium-quality whole coffee beans, as grinding them fresh will give you a strong cup of coffee.


The sweet, slightly acidic Arabica Beans bean yields an excellent bold flavor with mild bitterness. They have low-caffeine content and are somewhat costly. For a bright bold cup, brewing 100% Arabica beans is the best option.


If your palate can handle a rich bitterness, then the dark earthy-flavored energizing caffeine-rich Robusta beans are a great choice.


You may opt for Arabica (85%) and Robusta (15%) blend. It offers an aromatic, flavorful coffee that balances the bitterness without compromising the caffeine content! Mixed beans are a good pick as strong brewed coffee tends to lose the delicate flowery, fruity, or herbal taste.




  1. Select The Roast Type


Commonly, for an intense smoky bold brew, choose dark roast beans. The dark roast variety is beans roasted for a longer duration resulting in a stronger flavor. They have a blackish color with a sheen from the natural oil coating.


Always buy a bag of freshly roasted beans by checking the roast date. After roasting, the incredible flavor lasts for 1-2 weeks. After 1 month of roasting time, their strength and flavor diminish. Therefore, avoid the stale ones at all costs as they will give you lots of caffeine and zero bold brew effect!


In case your kind of strong brewed coffee is the one with high caffeine content, then light roast beans are for you!


  1. Let’s Talk About The Grind


To brew strong coffee at home, using perfect roast coffee beans, you will need to have a suitable grinding machine and know how fine or coarse to grind!


The Burr Grinder


Get yourself an electric or manual burr grinder to grind beans into accurate and equal-sized particles. This grinder allows you complete control, is easy to use, and results in equal size ground. Therefore, you can enjoy freshly ground, strong brewed coffee anytime at home.


How fine or coarse to grind for strong coffee?


The smaller the coffee ground, the quicker they help extract flavor. Contrarily, too coarse particles can result in a weak tasteless brew. Yet, the grind and brewing methods are co-related.


  • Fine grind- Espresso Maker
  • Medium Grind- AeroPress and Pour Overs
  • Medium Coarse Grind- French Press
  • Coarse Grind: Drip Coffee Maker


Thus, to experience the top-notch strong coffee, grind the beans at home to suit for brewing method. Grind in small quantities for immediate brewing or to last 5-6 days. Always store the freshly ground coffee in an opaque jar and keep it in a dry & dark corner.


When buying ground coffee, always check the grind type in the package!




  1. The Water and Brewing Temperature Matters




Since a cup of coffee is 98% (approx.) water, the water has to be good. Use purified, filtered, or non-distilled bottled water to preserve the fantastic coffee flavor. Tap water isn’t good in most places unless you reside in the mountains and have access to spring water. Avoid any pungent, odorous, or bad-tasting water to brew your coffee.


Brewing Temperature


The optimal coffee brewing temperature is between 195° F to 205° F (90.5° C to 96° C). It beautifully extracts accurate taste and strength. Too hot water temperature (above 205° F) makes the drink extra bitter and unpleasant. On the other hand, less warm or cold water below 195° F will lead to a slow brew and lack the familiar coffee taste & acidity.


  1. Know The Coffee and Water Ratio for Strong Coffee


The recommended ratio would be 2 tablespoons of coffee for 6 ounces of water. Those who like their coffee extra strong can use 2.5 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water. Yet, the ratio changes with different brewing techniques and individual taste preferences.


Additionally, while being careful not to over-extract, brewing the coffee for an extra minute can make it strong and a tad bit bitter too. Thus, brew time is important for a sharp flavor! Making it right in the first attempt can be pure luck. Usually, after a few brews, everyone finds their perfect ratio of coffee, water, and brew time. 


Here’s a standard ratio to brew a cup of strong coffee at home!


Drip Coffee Maker



French Press


  • 2 Tbsp | 10g dark roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans (grind medium-coarsely, fresh in the burr grinder)
  • 8oz | 237ml of water (195-205° F temperature)
  • 4 minutes brew time (or 1 minute longer for a stronger brew)



To conclude, when pouring the hot water, do it in a slow & steady spiral motion. This allows all the coffee ground particles to soak and results in a uniform extraction!