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What to Do With Used Coffee Grounds

Jul 24, 2023

What to Do With Used Coffee Grounds


For coffee enthusiasts, the daily ritual of brewing a fresh cup of coffee leaves behind a pile of used coffee grounds. But before you toss them in the trash, have you ever wondered if there are better ways to utilize these leftover grounds? In this ultimate guide, we'll explore creative and practical ways to repurpose and recycle used coffee grounds, turning them into valuable resources for various aspects of your daily life.

  1. Fertilize Your Garden

Used coffee grounds are a nutrient-rich source that can benefit your garden and plants. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other essential minerals that nourish the soil and enhance plant growth. Simply sprinkle the coffee grounds directly onto the soil or mix them into your compost pile to enrich the compost.

  1. Natural Pest Repellent

Coffee grounds can act as a natural deterrent for certain pests. Slugs, snails, and ants dislike coffee grounds, making them a useful, eco-friendly option for keeping these critters away from your garden or specific areas in your home. Create a barrier of coffee grounds around susceptible plant beds or indoor entry points to deter pests effectively.

  1. Exfoliating Scrub

Used coffee grounds can be transformed into an invigorating exfoliating scrub for your skin. When mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, coffee grounds create a gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. Apply the scrub in gentle circular motions during your shower, then rinse thoroughly.

  1. Odor Neutralizer

Coffee grounds have a natural ability to absorb and neutralize odors. Place a bowl of dry coffee grounds in your refrigerator, freezer, or any other area where unwanted odors persist. The coffee grounds will help eliminate the unpleasant smells, leaving your spaces smelling fresh.

  1. Cleaning Abrasive

The gritty texture of used coffee grounds makes them effective as a cleaning abrasive for various surfaces. Use coffee grounds to scrub away stubborn stains and grime from pots, pans, or even your grill. However, avoid using coffee grounds on porous or light-colored surfaces, as they may cause discoloration.

  1. Natural Hair Treatment

Coffee grounds can be a natural remedy for enhancing the shine and texture of your hair. After shampooing, massage a handful of coffee grounds onto your damp hair, focusing on the scalp. Rinse thoroughly to reveal silky and lustrous hair. The caffeine in the coffee grounds may also help stimulate hair growth.

  1. Deodorize Hands

After cooking with pungent ingredients like garlic or onions, you might find it challenging to remove the lingering odor from your hands. Rubbing used coffee grounds on your hands can help neutralize the odors and leave your hands smelling fresh and clean.

  1. DIY Candles

Incorporate coffee grounds into your DIY candle-making projects for a rustic and aromatic touch. Add coffee grounds to the melted wax before pouring it into the candle mold. As the candle burns, the coffee grounds will release a pleasant coffee scent.


Used coffee grounds are a valuable resource with a myriad of practical and creative uses. From enriching your garden to repelling pests, exfoliating your skin to cleaning surfaces, the possibilities for repurposing coffee grounds are endless. By finding new ways to recycle coffee grounds, you can reduce waste, embrace sustainability, and add a unique touch to various aspects of your daily life.

So, the next time you make your morning cup of coffee, think twice before discarding those used coffee grounds. Embrace the versatility of coffee grounds and discover the joy of repurposing them in innovative and eco-friendly ways.


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