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4 Different Ways to Make Iced Coffee at Home

Aug 10, 2020

4 Different Ways to Make Iced Coffee at Home


There's nothing quite like enjoying an iced coffee while you do your daily chores or make the commute into work. There's something so soothing about this drink, which is probably why it's so popular.

Unfortunately, most people don't have time to run to the coffee shop every day to buy an iced coffee. The good news is, you can make iced coffee at home. Our iced coffee recipes below will encourage you to try new things and experiment with fresh flavors and blends. You can try these four ideas to give your iced coffee a fun makeover!

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1. Add Different Creams in Your Coffee

An easy and inexpensive way to up your iced coffee game is to buy new creamers to use in your drink. You can try new types of creamers, such as plant-based versions made with coconut or soy milk. Or, you can sample flavored creamers, such as cookie- or caramel-flavored creamers.

If you prefer a less-sweet iced coffee, stick with a milk or milk variant. Oat milk, for example, adds an earthy taste to your coffee that you'll love.

2. Use Different Brewing Techniques

Cold press? Keurig? Traditional brew? You get a slightly different flavor with whichever method you choose. You may find that one brewing method complements certain ingredients. Mix up your choices to find the optimal combination. Keep notes so that once you find the right blend, you can repeat it. Ask friends for suggestions for their favorite brewing techniques, too!

3. Try New Flavors to Add to Your Coffee

Pumps of syrup have become the biggest differentiator between coffee drinks. You can credit the coffee shops that squirt the syrup into these drinks and start the pumpkin spice latte craze every fall. Buying already-made syrups is an easy way to test out different flavors. You can find caramel, vanilla, and, yes, pumpkin spice!

You can also consider making your own simple syrups by simmering water, sugar, and your flavor of choice to make interesting new flavors for your iced coffee. A few suggestions:

  • Berry blends with strawberries and raspberries
  • Vanilla bean with a single vanilla bean
  • Amaretto with a splash of amaretto extract
  • Peppermint using a few mint leaves

4. Experiment With Coffee Blends

If you have used the Donut Shop blend for every cup of joe you've consumed for the last five years, it's time to try something new, no matter how delicious that blend might be!

Try something with a new twist, such as a French Roast, or ask your friends for their favorite blends. A different type of coffee will change the subtle flavor of your iced drink.

Many people love African or Latin American roasted beans for iced coffee. They have a subtle taste that lends itself to a cold drink. Others love traditional flavors such as a Breakfast Blend.

If you need any of these flavors, you can get them from us. We also sell 100% recyclable K-Cups and an organic line of coffee, all with a satisfaction guarantee. Start using these ideas to give your iced coffee at home a new kick!


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