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Coffee Around the World

Nov 01, 2020

Coffee Around the World

Coffee Around the World

You can't get enough cappuccino or mocha. But have you ever wondered how other cultures around the world enjoy their coffee drinks? We found some answers. Let's dive in!

Where Does Coffee Originate?

Coffee comes from Ethiopia. Legend has it that a goat herder noticed his goats became more energetic when they munched on coffee beans, and he shared this knowledge with his village. Soon they began brewing coffee, and the practice expanded across Africa and eventually to the shores of Europe and beyond.

By the 1700s, people in Europe began gathering in coffee houses to socialize. The critical role coffee plays in socialization also explains why some coffee drinks are a little weirder than others. After all, everyone wants to try something new and different!

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How Coffee Is Drunk Around the World

Today, coffee is more popular than ever. Some even claim it's the second-most demanded resource worldwide, behind only crude oil. If you want a genuinely international coffee experience, try these fun drink ideas from other cultures.

1. Italian Affogato

Perfect for those who prefer their coffee as more of a dessert than a morning pick-me-up, the Italian affogato combines coffee with one of Italy's most famed treats — gelato. Put a scoop of gelato in a bowl, then pour a double shot of espresso over the top. Add decorative toppings, such as sprinkles or whipped cream.

2. Yuanyang

In Hong Kong, you can have your coffee and your tea, too, in just one sitting. Tea is a revered traditional drink in the country. Residents add one part tea to one part coffee and throw in one part condensed milk to finish the drink. Save this for an afternoon when you want something a little heavier in place of a snack.

3. Kopi Joss

Indonesia ranks among the globe's top coffee producers, so it's little surprise the country has several notable specialty drinks. The oddest may be kopi joss, also known as "charcoal coffee." Consumed after work while sitting on a mat out in the street, kopi joss soothes upset stomachs. You make it by dropping a chunk of red-hot charcoal in the coffee right before you drink it. Here's to adventure!

4. Ca Phe Trung

In Vietnam, the key to a strong cup of coffee is adding an egg at the end. You whip the yolks and some sweetened, condensed milk until they become frothy, then add a tablespoon of the coffee. Spoon the egg mixture on top of your strong cup of coffee and enjoy this as a substitute for dessert.

5. Qahwa

If you visit Saudi Arabia, you will surely indulge in a qahwa, which is a watery coffee with lots of added ingredients that make the drink spicy. You boil green coffee beans in a pot for 10 minutes, then add crushed cloves and cardamom and boil for five more minutes. Allow the pot to cool for a few minutes before adding saffron and rosewater. Strain before serving.

Try Making Some of These Strange Coffee Drinks With Real Good Coffee Company Today

Cultures all across the world enjoy coffee, and you can take your cue from these imaginative recipes to try some new drinks of your own. Find your favorite lovingly crafted Real Good Coffee Co product to get started!


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