Donut Shop Medium Roast Keurig Compatible Cups

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  • Keurig Compatible
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable coffee podx
  • Tasting notes of brown sugar, hazelnut, and a hint of plum for a little sweetness

A good cup of coffee is soothing. It transports you to a place where you feel relaxed and at home. A good cup of coffee can put your mind at ease, even at the beginning of the busiest day. Our coffee does all this and more, which is why we call ourselves the Real Good Coffee Company. We know how to make good coffee, and we love to do it.

We sell many types of coffee, including our Keurig-compatible Donut Shop Medium Roast coffee pods. If you love the taste of the coffee at your favorite donut shop, you'll love this unique brew. We love coffee. Just like you, we enjoy the ritual of starting our day with a cup of joe and sampling other types of coffee throughout the day. It soothes our souls to have that simple enjoyment each day, and we bet you feel the same way. Buy your medium roast coffee pods online from a place that treasures the coffee experience as much as you do.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that "good" doesn't have to mean "complicated." In life, as in coffee, the simplest solutions are often the best ones. We use freshly roasted beans to make the best coffee, and we think you'll love it when you try it. We don't care about fancy labels or pretty packaging or using pretentious-sounding names for our brews. Simple, direct, delicious — that pretty much sums us up.

How The Real Good Coffee Process Works


When you buy Donut Shop Medium Roast coffee pods from us online, you get a product that is:

  • Keurig Compatible
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable coffee pods
  • Tasting notes of brown sugar, hazelnut, and a hint of plum for a little sweetness

Do you remember wandering into the local donut shop or bakery when you were a kid? The smells alone probably made your mouth water. As you looked around at all the sweet treats, it’s likely your stomach started to growl as you waited semi-patiently for your mom or dad to step up to the counter to order the donut or pastry you’d been promised.

While the smell and visual appeal of the donuts may have gotten you excited when you were a kid, things have probably changed now that you’re all grown up. If you were to walk into the same donut shop today, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of that piping hot “nectar” might catch the attention of your nose and taste buds first. Now, though, with Donut Shop coffee pods from Real Good Coffee Co., you can enjoy that delightful donut shop coffee without having to leave home.

    Coffee That Is Good For The Planet And Good For Your Wallet


    To recreate the nostalgia of your youth and give your adult self the familiar jolt that only quality coffee can provide, you can now order Donut Shop Medium Roast coffee pods from Real Good Coffee Co. and have them delivered right to your door. Here are the quantities you can choose from:

    • Donut Shop Medium Roast Coffee Pods 72-Count
    • Donut Shop Medium Roast Coffee Pods 36-Count

    Regardless of the quantity you order, we guarantee you’ll enjoy a fresh, satisfying cup of coffee whenever you pop one of our Donut Shop coffee pods into your single-serve coffee maker. As your coffee brews, the smells of brown sugar and hazelnut will waft through the air. Then, when you taste your freshly brewed coffee, a hint of plum will provide the bit of sweetness your palate craves.

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect complement to your morning pastry or you want a coffee that’s equal parts satisfying and delightful on its own, our Donut Shop Medium Roast coffee pods are for you.


    There’s no doubt about it — our recyclable Donut Shop coffee pods are good to drink, good for the planet and good for your wallet. Even your finicky inner child will agree with that. Satisfy your inner child and your adult self by ordering our Donut Shop Medium Roast coffee pods from Real Good Coffee Co. today.



    Coffee pods have surged in popularity, and it's not hard to see why. They offer fantastic versatility and convenience. When you want coffee fast, you can pop one of our Donut Shop Medium Roast Keurig-compatible cups into your machine and have the coffee you crave ready in seconds. There are many other benefits of using coffee pods too, such as:

    • Minimal cleanup: You don't have to wash a carafe or change a filter when you use coffee pods. You just swap out the pod and voila! Your coffee is ready.
    • Use with ease: The machine is so simple that anyone can use it. You only need one practice session, and then you're ready to make coffee.
    • Costs less: Coffee pods have a low price tag and a high return on value. Of course, nobody can put a price on enjoying that first cup of coffee each morning.
    • Personalized choices: Each person can choose the type of coffee they want to brew.
    coffee that is great-tasting and affordable


    The concept of Donut Shop coffee arose from the belief that brews purchased at donut shops were often the tastiest and most appealing coffees on the market. Donut shops sell simple blends that pair well with sweets. The taste profile of Donut Shop coffee is milder and less acidic than breakfast blend.

    Donut shops often make their brews with arabica beans, which become sweet when roasted. You won't notice an undertone of fruitiness or vanilla when you buy Donut Shop coffee pods. Instead, you taste the coffee and its unique flavor.

    Does Donut Shop coffee have a lot of caffeine? Not as much as some other blends. You can drink several cups of it without staying up all night. But our Donut Shop coffee pods do have enough caffeine to perk you up and get you going in the morning.


    Medium roast coffee is made from beans whose color falls between light and dark roast beans. They have a smooth, oil-free surface, and they present a balanced taste that is somewhere between the taste of a light and dark roast. The roast level brings out the distinct flavor of the beans, creating a coffee that's often more robust than a light roast, yet not as heavy as a dark roast.

    Coffee lovers enjoy medium roast because it has a mid-level acidity and has a hint of sweetness. The beans are roasted until they have cracked for the first time, but they don't get a second crack. You may also hear medium roast coffee referred to as American roast.

    Real Good People Making Real Good Coffee


    Our great-tasting coffee is good for the planet and good for your wallet. We achieve that by focusing on three key areas:

    • Quality: We source and roast the best coffee, plain and simple. One taste of our products and you will agree.
    • Affordability: Since we skip the fancy presentation, we reduce the costs of producing the Donut Shop Medium Roast coffee pods and other products we sell online. We pass those savings on to our customers.
    • Sustainability: We all have a duty to look out for our planet. We're doing our part by selling medium roast coffee pods that are 100% recyclable.

    Still need another reason to try our coffee? Listen to our customers. We have loads of glowing reviews from people who have purchased our coffee and love what they bought. They include phrases like "delightfully delicious" and "bold tasting but not the least bit bitter." If that sounds like something you might like, then buy our medium roast coffee pods online and see if you agree.

    There's no risk in trying our products. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if something isn't quite to your liking, let us know. We'll make it right.

    If You Don't Love Our Coffee, We Will Make It Right


    In addition to selling Donut Shop Medium Roast coffee pods online, we also carry many other types of coffee — all of them delicious and all of them a great addition to your kitchen pantry. We sell other Keurig compatible types of coffee too, such as Light Roast Breakfast BlendOrganic Dark Roast and Dark French Roast. Additionally, we have Nespresso compatible pods that come in several varieties.

    Whether you want coffee to start your day with or sip on during a break in a crazy morning, Real Good Coffee Co has the products you desire. Order from us today, and get ready for a whole new level of coffee excitement!