Dark French Roast Keurig Compatible Cups

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About Dark French Roast

  • Packaged in 100% recyclable coffee pods
  • Keurig Compatible
  • Tasting notes of raspberry, dark chocolate, and an exotic hint of the Mediterranean spice anise

Even if you prefer your coffee to have a kick, that doesn't mean it has to taste bitter — it just has to be bold. Recyclable French Roast coffee pods from Real Good Coffee Co. are the perfect combination of bold tastes and convenience. Just pop a coffee pod into your single-serve cup brewer to enjoy our extra bold dark roast coffee with a slightly sweet finish.

Unlike many French Roasts, this brew delivers a striking, bold taste without turning bitter. We source premium coffee beans to produce a full-bodied roast that even the most hardcore coffee fans will love. If you're serious about your morning cup of coffee, you have to try our dark French Roast cups for Keurig.

Discover Our Recyclable French Roast Coffee Pods

Our French Roast blend available in coffee pods has a delightful, full-bodied taste dark roast lovers will enjoy. Discover the depth of bold tastes, including rich undertones of raspberry and dark chocolate with just a hint of the exotic Mediterranean spice anise. Each subtle component mixes together to create a coffee sophisticated enough for any palate.

Each recyclable coffee pod contains enough grounds for a single serving of dark French Roast. Our coffee pods are compatible with all single-serve cup brewers, including Keurig 2.0 and 1.0. We make our coffee pods from 100% recyclable materials. They come in two quantities perfect for your home or office:

  • French Roast Coffee Pods 36-Count
  • French Roast Coffee Pods 72-Count

Food Pairings for Your Real Good Coffee Co. French Roast Coffee Pods

Our signature French Roast coffee pods are roasted fresh in Seattle, USA. As the coffee capital of America, you can be sure we produce dark roast that will satisfy even the most discriminating coffee drinkers. We make it simple to fill your cup with French Roast without a bitter note. Just pop in one of our recyclable coffee pods, sit back and enjoy.

If you're looking to pair your cup of smooth dark roast with something to nibble on, treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate. The subtle hints of cacao play off each other beautifully. If you love pastries, grab a chocolate croissant. For something with bite, pair your French Roast coffee with a berry-filled fruit tart and enjoy how the fruit heightens the taste of your brew.

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At Real Good Coffee Co., we're just real people making real good coffee. Our recyclable French Roast coffee pods are good to drink, good for the planet and good for your wallet. Plus, our coffee pods are affordable and convenient, and you can order online with free shipping. That's why we're confident enough to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Order your dark roast coffee pods online today, and in no time, you'll enjoy the smooth taste of never bitter Real Good Coffee Co. French Roast.

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