What makes Real Good Coffee Co. different?

While many coffee companies focus on premium packaging and fancy names, we focus on real good coffee, it is that simple. We give you premium quality coffee at a price that matches or beats anything in the market.

What if I don't like your coffee?

If you don't love our coffee we will replace or refund your order no questions asked. We are focused on 100% satisfaction and want your experience with Real Good Coffee Co to be a great one! We also recommend experimenting with different cup volumes and grind sizes.

Why does your coffee ship from Amazon?

With Amazon's nationwide network of fulfillment centers, we are able to ship coffee directly to your door in a matter of days. Don't worry, all of our coffees are roasted fresh in Seattle and sent to Amazon for fast delivery to you.

Are Your K-Cups & Nespresso pods Recyclable?

Yes, our K-Cups & Nespresso pods are 100% recyclable. To recycle follow these simple steps:

  • Allow pod to cool completely after brewing
  • Remove foil lid and recycle with aluminum
  • Empty used coffee grounds and recycle with compost
  • Recycle pod and filter combo with plastic

Is your coffee organic?

Not all of our coffee is organic. However, we do have organic dark roast whole beans, K-Cups & Nespresso pods which are USDA certified.

Is your coffee kosher?


My whole beans are too bitter or not strong enough.

Try adjusting your grind size. The finer the grind, the more bitterness you will taste. The more you experiment with the grind size, the more you'll love your coffee.

Do you pack the coffee fresh?

Yes, all of our coffees are packed within hours of roasting and immediately sent to Amazon for delivery to your door.

Do you offer a decaf coffee?

Not at this time. Please let us know if you’re interested in decaf as we are always considering our customers’ requests.

Do you offer a sample size to try?

Yes, we offer a 10ct variety pack of K-Cups & Nespresso pods to try all of our roasts. We do not offer sample sizes of our whole bean coffees, but with our 100% satisfaction guarantee we will make it right if you’re not happy for any reason. We hope you love the coffee!