Below are our frequently asked questions to help you learn more details about our company, coffee and overall business philosophy.

What Makes Real Good Coffee Company Different?

At Real Good Coffee Company, we focus on quality, affordability and sustainability. We are not concerned with fancy names or packaging — just real good coffee made for and by real good people. We always offer free shipping, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% recyclable coffee pods. Our premium quality coffee is offered with convenience and at a price that will match or beat anything else on the market.

How Do You Recycle Coffee Pods?

Our coffee pods and Nespresso pods are made of 100% recyclable materials. Just follow these easy steps to recycle them:

  1. Let the pod cool completely after brewing.
  2. Remove the foil lid and recycle it with aluminum.
  3. Recycle coffee grounds with compost.
  4. Put the pod (#5) with your plastic recycling.

Please also be sure to follow your local recycling and compost guidelines.

What Is Your Satisfaction Guarantee?

We want your experience with Real Good Coffee to be a great one. That's why if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we will make it right, no questions asked. We are focused on 100% customer satisfaction, and we welcome your feedback!

Why Does Your Coffee Ship from Amazon?

To get your coffee delivered right to your door as quickly as possible, we use Amazon shipping. With their nationwide distribution centers, we can be sure our customers will receive their orders fast no matter where they live. But rest assured that your Real Good Coffee order is freshly roasted in our Seattle location before it is shipped to you via Amazon.

Is Your Coffee Organic?

We offer an organic option of coffee pods, Nespresso pods and whole bean coffee. We also offer non-organic options for all three products.

Is Your Coffee Kosher?

Yes, all of our coffee is kosher.

Can I Make My Coffee Stronger or Weaker?

Yes! We recommend experimenting with different cup and grind sizes to find a strength that fits your tastes. The more coffee grounds you use, the stronger the coffee will be. You can also try different grind sizes: the finer the grounds, the more bitter the taste. Also try our different roasts. Our coffee pods and whole bean coffee come in the following roasts:

  • Breakfast Blend Light
  • Donut Shop Medium
  • French Roast Dark
  • Organic Dark

Our Nespresso pods also come in different intensities: Strong, Stronger and Strongest to give you an extra kick when you need it.

Do You Pack the Coffee Fresh in Seattle?

Yes! Although we ship through Amazon, all of our coffee is roasted and packed fresh at our Seattle location.

Do You Offer a Decaf Coffee?

We do not offer a decaf coffee at this time. However, please let us know if you are interested in a decaf option. We are always looking for customer input to make sure we provide the products you want.

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