Decaf Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2 LB

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Decaf coffee should only be missing caffeine, not flavor. Our Decaf Medium Roast gives you a rich brew with notes of caramel and chocolate without keeping you up all night.

Medium roast with notes of caramel, dark chocolate and hazelnut with hints of cream.

Whole bean coffee preserves freshness and lets you get the perfect grind.

100% recyclable packaging.

Roasted fresh in Seattle, WA.

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What Makes Real Good Coffee Different? 


No fuss, all flavor. We source the best beans possible and roast them to perfection. 

Delicious coffee shouldn’t empty your wallet, so we made sure we give you the best quality for an even better price 

We use 100% recyclable packaging, including our single-serve pods, and support sustainable farming practices. 


Know Your Roast

  • Roasted until the “first crack” of the beans, around 350°F.
  • Highest caffeine content.
  • Preserves flavors of the bean, like citrus and florals.
  • Roasted until the second crack of the beans, around 420°F.
  • Also known as the American roast because of its popularity in the USA.
  • More balanced flavor, acidity and aroma.
  • Roasted to a temperature of 465°F to give beans a deep brown hue.
  • Lowest caffeine content.
  • Rich, bold flavor from the roasting process.


Why Whole Bean Coffee? 

Preserves Freshness
You can grind what you need when you need it, giving you a fresh cup every time.

You See the Beans
We want you to know you’re getting the best quality, and seeing the whole bean means we can’t hide any mistakes.

Whole bean coffee lasts longer than ground coffee so you can try different varieties without worrying about your favorite blend going stale.