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  • Keurig Compatible
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable coffee cups
  • Less wasted coffee

What's the first thing you do after you get out of bed in the morning? You may make your bed, brush your teeth, and pick out your outfit from work. But from the moment your alarm sounds, you're looking forward to taking that first sip of your morning coffee. Drinking coffee each morning is a soothing ritual that sets you up for a successful day. And finding the right coffee to enjoy day after day isn't hard when you buy online from Real Good Coffee Company.

You can start your day off right with our Organic Dark Roast Keurig-compatible cups. Each one delivers the rich, intense dark roast flavor that gives you a caffeine fix and sends you on your way a little happier and more energetic. Whether you prefer to sit quietly with a cup of coffee while you wake up or you bring a mug of joe on your commute to work, your coffee time is your happy time. We're thrilled to support you in that.

Our coffees are made with you in mind. We approach roasting with the same simple philosophy we have applied to our business for more than 30 years. Every step we take includes a lot of consideration. We want to give you the best coffee, made in the best way and packaged in the simplest manner.

When you buy our Organic Dark Roast coffee pods online, you get real good coffee made by real good people. You can also feel good about buying organic. Treat yourself to what will become your new favorite coffee today!

How The Real Good Coffee Process Works


With a mug full of Real Good Coffee Co. coffee, you can start your day with an exotic adventure. Our recyclable USDA Certified Organic cups for Keurig include dark roast, single-origin organic Sumatran coffee that's sure to hit all the right notes.

Our Organic Dark Roast Coffee Pods have a full body taste with pronounced roasted notes and aromatic South Asian spice. With every sip, you'll feel invigorated. Our coffee pods are made using 100% recyclable materials, so they're not only good to drink but also good for the planet.


Most people trudge to their local coffee shop, spending both time and money to find a quality cup of organic coffee. By ordering Organic Dark Roast coffee pods from Real Good Coffee Co., you get to enjoy café quality organic coffee in your very own home.

Each single-serve cup comes packed with an intense, dark roasted taste. Plus, our coffee pods make it quick and easy to enjoy an incredible dark roast brew as they're compatible with Keurig coffee pod brewers 2.0 and 1.0 and all single-serve cup brewers.

Whether you're ordering for your home or sharing some recyclable Organic Dark Roast coffee pods with your office crew, we have the perfect quantities for stocking your shelves:

  • Organic Dark Roast Coffee Pods 36-Count
  • Organic Dark Roast Coffee Pods 72-Count

    Coffee That Is Good For The Planet And Good For Your Wallet

    Enticing, Exotic Tastes in Each Recyclable Organic Dark Roast Coffee Pods

    If you enjoy the bold quality of dark roast coffee, then you're sure to love the fascinating taste found in our Organic Dark Roast coffee pods. We use high-quality, single-origin coffee beans sourced from Sumatra. This dark roast blend brings together tastes of bell pepper as well as hints of cedar and a lemony acidity that will delight any coffee drinker.

    Whether you prefer to drink your coffee on its own or you pair your brew with breakfast or dessert, the taste of our Organic Dark Roast complements a variety of foods. Try your organic Sumatran blend with a cinnamon-rich treat and savor how the tastes play off each other. Even a single piece of dark chocolate will elicit delightful new layers in your brew. 


    As life gets more hectic, shopping online for your everyday essentials is a must. That's why we're proud to provide coffee drinkers of all kinds with high-quality coffee available in convenient coffee pods. Whether you purchase our Organic Dark Roast coffee pods or one of our other delicious blends, you can order online and get free shipping.

    Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your online experience at Real Good Coffee Co. After all, we're just real good people making real good coffee in America's coffee capital, Seattle, WA.

    To save even more time and money when ordering your recyclable Organic Dark Roast coffee pods, sign up for our subscription service and get 5% savings on your purchase.


    If you haven't been using coffee pods, now is the right time to jump on the trend. It's so easy and so much fun to use a Keurig machine. You can save time and money when you invest in this way of making your morning brew. Here are five ways you can benefit from using coffee pods:

    1. Use them with ease: Even a child can make a cup of coffee using a Keurig. You pop in the pod, and the coffee brews automatically, often in less than a minute, depending on how big your mug is.
    2. Make as much or as little as you want: Some days, you just want a small cup of coffee to get you going. Other days, you want a cup you could practically dive into as you wipe the last bit of sleep from your eyes. You can choose your preference when you use coffee pods, and you won't have to deal with any leftovers.
    3. Brew the coffee fast: It takes just a couple minutes from the start to the end of the brewing process when you use coffee pods. Most people want their coffee quickly in the morning. Even if you're running late, you have enough time to brew your coffee.
    4. Save money: Buying coffee pods and brewing your own coffee costs much less than buying a cup at your favorite coffee shop every day. You can save even more when you sign up for our subscription service.
    5. Look out for the environment: When you buy our coffee pods, you can recycle them when you're finished.

    everyone deserves great tasting coffee


    Organic coffee is made without the chemicals used to fertilize during the growing process. Coffee farmers use only organic fertilizers on the crop, keeping the coffee chemical-free. Some people even say they can taste a difference between organic and non-organic blends.


    Drinking organic coffee provides many benefits for the planet and your health, including:

    • High nutrient content: Organic-grown coffee contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, including essentials such as niacin and riboflavin.
    • Demonstrate environmental friendliness: Organic foods and beverages are free from chemicals, which benefits the earth. Without runoff from pesticides, farms make less of an impact on the land. Organic farmers produce less carbon, too.
    • Reduce chemical ingestion: Enjoy coffee that's free from pesticides and other chemicals.

    Coffee also boosts your immune system and helps you fight off colds and other illnesses.

    Real Good People Making Real Good Coffee


    We take a simple approach to making coffee. For more than three decades, we have worked out of Seattle to create products our customers love, by focusing on three main goals:

    • Demonstrate quality: Our coffee tastes great. When we make our Organic Dark Roast coffee pods and other products, we focus on using simple ingredients and putting them together with care. You can taste the difference between hastily roasted brews and those where the roaster took their time. Our delicious coffees convey our attention to detail and quality.
    • Support sustainability: Our coffee is good for the planet. We sell recyclable cups to reduce the waste we produce, and we're proud of our environmental track record. Buying organic is also a smart way to support the planet.
    • Promote affordability: Our coffee is good for your wallet. We keep our prices low because we skip all the fancy packaging and labeling, and we send those savings on to you. When you buy Real Good Coffee Co Organic Dark Roast coffee pods online, you pay a fraction of what some other specialty coffee companies charge.

    Don't just take our word for how good our coffee is. Read our reviews, too, which are overwhelmingly positive and speak to our fantastic coffee as well as our top-notch customer service. Our customers praise our Organic Dark Roast for its "bold but not bitter" flavor, and they say it's "very flavorful," too. We love making coffee everyone can enjoy!

    If You Don't Love Our Coffee, We Will Make It Right


    You can buy our Organic Dark Roast coffee pods as well as many other products. We sell several types of Keurig-compatible coffee pods, such as:

    • Light Roast Breakfast Blend
    • Donut Shop Medium Roast
    • Dark French Roast

    Can't make up your mind? Our Variety Pack gives you a daily choice of what type of coffee to brew. We also carry Nespresso compatible pods as well as whole bean coffee.

    Whatever your preference, we have a style and a bean for you. Order your first organic coffee pods today, and see what a difference the right coffee can make in your life.