Organic Dark Roast K-Cups

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"It's made in America and the cups are recyclable a win win all around." - Nicole K.

"My husband loves this coffee!" - Kelly R.

"This coffee lives up to its name. It is really good." - Chuck J.

About Organic Dark Roast K-Cups

With a mug full of Real Good Coffee Co. coffee, you can start your day with an exotic adventure. Our recyclable USDA Certified Organic cups for Keurig include dark roast, single-origin organic Sumatran coffee that's sure to hit all the right notes.

Our Organic Dark Roast K-Cups have a full body taste with pronounced roasted notes and aromatic South Asian spice. Each enticing flavor combines to form a melodious blend which is refreshing, but not overpowering. With every sip, you'll feel invigorated. Our coffee pods are made using 100% recyclable materials, so they're not only good to drink but also good for the planet.

Explore Our Exotic Recyclable Organic Dark Roast K-Cups

Most people trudge to their local coffee shop, spending both time and money to find a quality cup of organic coffee. By ordering Organic Dark Roast K-Cups from Real Good Coffee Co., you get to enjoy café quality organic coffee in your very own home.

Each K-Cup comes packed with an intense, dark roasted flavor. Plus, our coffee pods make it quick and easy to enjoy an incredible dark roast brew as they're compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers 2.0 and 1.0 and all single-serve cup brewers.

Whether you're ordering for your home or sharing some recyclable Organic Dark Roast K-Cups with your office crew, we have the perfect quantities for stocking your shelves:

  • Organic Dark Roast K-Cups 36-Count
  • Organic Dark Roast K-Cups 72-Count

Enticing, Exotic Flavor in Each Recyclable Organic Dark Roast K-Cup

If you enjoy the bold quality of dark roast coffee, then you're sure to love the fascinating flavor found in our Organic Dark Roast K-Cups. We use high-quality, single-origin coffee beans sourced from Sumatra. This dark roast blend brings together flavors of bell pepper as well as hints of cedar and a lemony acidity that will delight any coffee drinker.

Whether you prefer to drink your coffee on its own or you pair your brew with breakfast or dessert, the flavor of our Organic Dark Roast complements a variety of foods. Try your organic Sumatran blend with a cinnamon-rich treat and savor how the flavors play off each other. Even a single piece of dark chocolate will elicit delightful new layers in your brew. 

Order Recyclable USDA Certified Organic K-Cups Today

As life gets more hectic, shopping online for your everyday essentials is a must. That's why we're proud to provide coffee drinkers of all kinds with high-quality coffee available in convenient K-Cups. Whether you purchase our Organic Dark Roast K-Cups or one of our other delicious blends, you can order online and get free shipping.

Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your online experience at Real Good Coffee Co. After all, we're just real good people making real good coffee in America's coffee capital, Seattle, WA.

To save even more time and money when ordering your recyclable Organic Dark Roast K-Cups, sign up for our subscription service and get 5% savings on your purchase.