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    • Keurig Compatible
    • Sample all of our different roasts
    • Packaged in 100% recyclable coffee cups
    • Less wasted coffee

    Variety is the spice of life. It's also the secret behind one of our most popular Keurig-compatible cups. When you order our coffee pod Variety Pack, you get four different types of coffee. You can choose which one to brew based on your mood each morning. Need a big caffeine kick with a mellower flavor? Time to pull out our Breakfast Blend. Prefer a bold cup of joe with less caffeine? Our French Roast Dark will hit the spot.

    With our single-serve cups, every day can be different. You can switch up your brew but continue to enjoy the same quality no matter which flavor you choose. Some days call for a mellow coffee, while on other days you want something with intensity. Our Variety Pack of Keurig-compatible cups gives you both options.

    Real Good Coffee Company employs real good people making real good coffee. We want you to enjoy the time you spend with our products, and we do everything we can to raise the quality and improve the experience of dealing with us. Coffee can feel like a lifeline on those days when everything is moving 100 miles an hour. Coffee is the constant in your life, and we want it to help put you at ease.

    How The Real Good Coffee Process Works


    When you buy our coffee, you receive single-serve cups. We make each one with an attention to detail and box them up for you to enjoy. The many reasons to buy our Variety Pack include:

    • Keurig-compatible
    • Sample all of our different roasts
    • Packaged in 100% recyclable coffee cups
    • Less wasted coffee

    Some coffee lovers stick to the same brew day in and day out. Others with a taste for adventure prefer to have a variety of tasting notes on hand. Mix it up with this sampler of our unique roasts and keep things fresh with the right coffee for your mood. When you start your day with the Real Good Coffee Co. recyclable coffee pods Variety Pack, there's never a dull moment.

    Our Variety Pack of easy to use coffee pods lets you enjoy a great cup of joe any time right from your home or office. There's no need to head to your local coffee shop and shell out five bucks for your favorite brew. With Real Good Coffee Co. in your cabinets, there are no lines, no crowds — just a quality cup of coffee. Plus, our recyclable Variety Pack gives you more options to choose from whether you're in the mood for a lighter blend or something a bit bolder.

    Coffee That Is Good For The Planet And Good For Your Wallet


    Coffee single-serve pods have become a staple in many households because of their convenience. When you just want a single serving of coffee, you pop out a pod and in just a few minutes, you can enjoy a steaming hot mug of your favorite coffee. The fast prep time is one benefit of using Keurig-compatible pods. Here are a few more:

    • Reduce waste: When you use our coffee pods, you can toss them in the recycling afterward.
    • Accesssibly priced: It costs less to make coffee at home than to go to your favorite coffee shop every day.
    • Flexibility: If you want a cup of coffee, you can make just one cup rather than brewing a whole pot you won't finish. You can also brew another cup if someone else in the house decides they want coffee too.


    If you have multiple coffee lovers in your home or office, it's a great idea to have a variety of blends on hand to suit every taste. That's why our recyclable coffee pods Variety Pack includes some of our most popular brews in convenient coffee pods, including:

    • Breakfast Blend Light: A mild and delicious blend perfect for starting each day. High in caffeine, Breakfast Blend mixes several varieties of beans.
    • Donut Shop Medium: A brew that complements donuts and oatmeal equally well, with a sweet flavor. Popular among those who like to begin their day with several cups of coffee before they feel satisfied.
    • French Roast Dark: The bold, dark flavor of French Roast Dark will excite you from your first sip. It has a less acidic taste than the lighter roasts and makes an excellent first cup of coffee each morning. It has less caffeine than other varieties, too.
    • Organic Dark Extra Bold: An intense coffee that will get your eyes open each morning, our Organic Blend is environmentally friendly and made without pesticides. If you care about great coffee and have a passion for the environment, this is the brew for you.

    If you like to mix up your days with different blends, our recyclable coffee pods Variety Pack ensures you have the perfect mug full to start your day or give yourself a pick me up in the afternoon. Even the most discerning coffee drinkers enjoy the great taste of our Real Good Coffee Co. roasts. All of our single-serve cups are compatible with Keurig 2.0 and 1.0, and all single-serve cup brewers.



    Who has time to run to the store each time you run out of coffee? We make getting the quantities you need convenient and affordable. When your order directly from us online, you can stock your home and office shelves with delicious Real Good Coffee Co. coffee pods.

    Our recyclable coffee pods Variety Packs come in three convenient quantities to suit your wallet and storage space:

    • Coffee Pods 10-Count
    • Coffee Pods 36-Count
    • Coffee Pods 72-Count
    great tasting coffee for everyone


    If you're ready to enjoy a variety pack of the freshest coffee that's good to drink, good for the planet and good for your wallet, then it's time to buy your coffee pods Variety Packs from Real Good Coffee Co.

    You can feel good knowing each coffee pod is made with 100% recyclable materials. Plus, our coffee is roasted fresh in Seattle, USA, the coffee capital of the world. So, you can be sure of incredible tasting blends.

    Place your order for your coffee pods Variety Pack today from the comfort of your own home, and receive free shipping to boot. In no time, you'll get a variety of our most popular blends delivered straight to your doorstep.

    Want to enjoy even more savings? Get 5% off when you take advantage of our subscription service.

      Real Good People Making Real Good Coffee


      When you buy coffee from us, you get great-tasting products that are good for your wallet and good for the planet. What does that mean in execution? We focus on three goals:

      • Provide quality coffee: We get our ingredients from the best sources, and we keep them simple. We focus on creating coffee that tastes good, and we pursue that whatever it takes. We admit, we enjoy sampling to ensure quality control. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.
      • Promote sustainability: Our unwavering commitment to the environment means selling coffee in containers you can recycle. We also use minimal packaging to shrink our carbon footprint. We focus on making the best coffee pod variety pack and other products, not in packing them in elaborate boxes.
      • Create affordability: Our functional approach to packaging saves us money. While other specialty coffeemakers spend a lot on their boxes, we pass on our savings to you. Our coffee costs much less than other specialty coffee. And if you want to save even more, you can sign up for our subscription service, which offers 5% off and ensures you won't run out of coffee.

      If you still need another reason to select Real Good Coffee Company products, just take a look at our reviews. We have a lot of fans, and they say a lot of nice things about us. They agree that our Variety Pack provides an ideal way to sample several flavors and match your coffee to your mood. They also praise us for our sustainable approach to business. "Raves from the whole house" writes one fan, while another notes, "loved all the varieties of coffee."

      Our customer service also stands out. We put you first always. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you're not 100% pleased, we will make it right. Reach out to us with your questions, too. We are always happy to help and love connecting with customers.

      If You Don't Love Our Coffee, We Will Make It Right


      If you buy our Variety Pack sampler, chances are almost certain you'll find a favorite type of coffee in the bunch. If you want to buy more, you can purchase Keurig compatible cups with just one type of coffee. Our choices include: 

      • Breakfast Blend Light Roast
      • Donut Shop Medium Roast 
      • Dark French Roast
      • Organic Dark Roast

      Maybe you prefer another way to drink your coffee. We also sell coffee beans and Nespresso compatible pods. Whatever delivery method you like for your coffee, you can get it from Real Good Coffee Company. We enjoy supplying you with the fuel to take on the day! Savor those quiet moments alone when you drink your first cup or relax during the commute as you sip from your travel mug. Whenever you drink your coffee, we have you covered. Enjoy your coffee time!