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Brewing Coffee While Camping

Apr 22, 2022

Brewing Coffee While Camping

With the weather warming up, many of you will be heading out on camping adventures! Being out in nature doesn’t mean you need to leave the coffee at home! Learn how to brew coffee while camping and bring us along on your next adventure!


What to Bring For Brewing Coffee While Camping


What to bring in order to brew a great cup of coffee while camping obviously does depend a bit on the type of camping you’ll be doing. Backpacking will mean you have less room for coffee equipment than camping at a campground or with an RV. For limited space, try using a brewing method such as an Aeropress or single-cup pour-over filters. When you have a bit more room, bring a percolator pot or even a French press. With whatever method you decide on for brewing coffee, make sure to pack the appropriate filters if needed. Also, ensure the type of coffee brewing method is sturdy – if you’re using a French press, for example, bring along a stainless steel version instead of a glass version.


The French press method might be the easiest for making a great cup of coffee while out camping, as you won’t need any filters to separate the brewed coffee from the grounds, and you can use any pot that you’ve brought to cook your food in to boil water.



You’ll obviously need a great coffee, and we’ve got you covered. Choose a pre-ground coffee (or grind whole beans at home), and we suggest measuring out the amount for each pot of coffee ahead of time and portioning it into zip-top baggies. If you don’t pre-measure your coffee into portions, be sure to bring a tablespoon to measure out the grounds. One of our favorites is Donut Shop Medium Roast Ground Coffee, which is a good all-around favorite and perfect for crisp mornings as you warm up and get ready for the day’s expedition.


Your heat source will vary based on what type of camping you’re doing, but great coffee can be made just about anywhere with any style of heat source! You might be using a small propane burner or camp stove, or even just an open campfire. If you’re using an open fire you’ll also want a trivet to keep your coffee pot or water pot steady, and probably a lid to keep stray ashes from flying into the pot.


Be sure you’ve got plenty of clean water! Make sure to use drinking water to brew your coffee, as contaminated water sources can cause you to become sick. Bottled water, water that has been appropriately sterilized, or water from drinking fountains is what you’ll want to use for brewing coffee while camping.


Of course, be sure to bring a coffee cup! Use a sturdy enamel camp cup or one with a thermos-style lid to keep it hot while hiking. For backpacking, bring one that will both keep your coffee hot, and allow you to clip it to your backpack while hiking to keep your hands free and spills to a minimum.


Dairy or non-dairy creamer is optional and up to your preference and the amount of space you have available. Many creamers are available in either powdered or shelf-stable forms so that they won’t require refrigeration.


How to Brew Coffee While Camping


The French press method is the easiest method to use while camping, and also the closest to a cup you’d brew at home. With minimal special equipment, and no filters needed, you just need the French press, a pot to boil water, and the coffee grounds of your choice.


The first step is to bring water to a boil, so you can use whatever method suits your style of camping and heating method. If you’re boiling water over an open fire, be sure to use a pot that has a lid to keep stray ashes out.



For a regular cup of coffee, put 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds per 10-ounce cup of coffee. For an extra-strong cup of coffee, use 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds.


Give your water a few moments to stop boiling, then gently pour over the coffee grounds in the French press, setting the plunger and lid on top of the French press, but not pressing down just yet. That will keep the brewing coffee piping hot. Allow the coffee to brew for around 4 minutes.


Carefully and slowly press down on the plunger, pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom of the French press. Pushing the plunger down too fast can cause the grounds to escape up the sides of the pot. Pour the coffee into your mug, and add creamer and sugar if desired.


An Easy Alternative - Cold Brew Coffee


Another option if you’re keeping ice around the campsite is to bring a thermos of cold-brew coffee. You can brew the coffee before you go camping, and use a thermos or pitcher to store the coffee while you camp. We’ve made cold brew coffee easy with pre-measured packs that allow you to brew the perfect cold brew, every time.


A Great Cup of Coffee is Always Possible!


Even when you’re not at home, a great cup of coffee is always possible. When you’ve got awesome beans and an easy brewing method, you can easily make coffee even while out camping. Happy adventures!