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Which Office Character Are You Based on Your Coffee Drink?

Dec 19, 2020

Which Office Character Are You Based on Your Coffee Drink?

Which Office Character Are You Based on Your Coffee Drink?

Coffee is a delicious, customizable drink for you and your tastebuds. A typical coffee order is so unique to a person that you can sometimes draw ideas about their personality based on their drink. If you're just as obsessed with coffee and The Office as we are, then you may wonder what your choice of beverage says about who you'd be in The Office. Want to know what character you are based on your coffee drink? We have a few ideas.

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1. Michael Scott's Sweet Treat

If you're like Michael Scott, then your sweet tooth is out of control. Your drink starts as a regular cup of Joe until the bitter aroma fills the kitchen. Then, like Michael, you grab any ingredients that can make your coffee into a dessert. You add cream, sugar, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Two parts cream, two parts sugar, one part coffee with a douse of chocolatey syrup and a 15-second spray of whipped cream should hold you off for your morning meeting.

2. Dwight Schrute's Black Night

Cream and sugar hinder a man from facing life's bitterness. Schrute brews his coffee. He drinks it before the heat has subsided. Warm coffee is for the weak. He pours another cup. This time, he'll let it cool. He wants to experience a weak man's beverage. Maybe he'll splash in some cream. Once he finishes that cup, he'll pour one more. This one will be the same as the first. He has to prove that what he just drank will not ruin him. He drinks it, still steaming. 

3. Pam Beesly's Gentle Brew

Pam is a gentle creature with a strong character. That's why she likes to make homemade oat milk and sugar coffee. Pam brews her coffee and adds a few extra ingredients to sweeten it up. First, she pours some oat milk. It's creamy and full of protein to give her strength to get through her office administrative responsibilities. She then finishes off the delicious morning beverage with a teaspoon of sugar.

4. Ryan Howard's Professional Proof

Ryan wants to prove his success. That's why he's an espresso man. His go-to brew consists of coffee and a shot or two of espresso. There's no such thing as downtime with this drink. It's simple, straightforward and gives you the energy you need to pitch your next big idea.

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