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Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

Dec 04, 2020

Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

Maybe when you were growing up you were repeatedly told to put down that steaming cappuccino or latte because it would stunt your growth. Maybe even now as an adult, you've found yourself uttering those same words to adolescents that can't seem to resist indulging in their favorite coffee blend multiple times a day. 

But should kids and teens really avoid coffee? Does this fragrant, flavorful beverage really have the capability of causing a growth stunt?

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Does Coffee Make You Short? 

No, coffee is not capable of stunting growth and making you short. A person's height is dependant on other factors such as overall nutrition and genes — not just a daily cup of Joe.  Plus, coffee is not the only drink or food that has caffeine in it. Plenty of other foods ranging from sodas to even chocolate have caffeine in them.

While this drink may not make you short, it's important to keep in mind that because it does have caffeine, too much coffee can disrupt sleep and increase your heart rate. In general, you should try to have a maximum of 400 milligrams of caffeine each day. As long as you stay within these limits, drinking coffee should not pose any problems for adolescents and adults.

Where Did This Short Myth Come From? 

While it's unknown where exactly this short myth originated from, it most likely started because coffee does have caffeine in it. When studied years ago, researchers found that caffeine can impact the way the body absorbs calcium. As a result, people began believing that coffee consumption would cause a reduction in bone mass and lead to osteoporosis. 

Coffee's impact on calcium absorption, however, is very small — actually, it's so minor that it can be remedied by adding a splash of milk into your coffee. And even without milk, there is no solid evidence that proves that coffee consumption alone affects the development and growth of adolescents. 

So What Does Coffee Do to You? 

If coffee doesn't stunt your growth, what does it do? Well, it actually offers many positive benefits for your health. Your favorite coffee is packed with everything from riboflavin (vitamin B2) to manganese and potassium. 

Whether you choose a dark French roast or a light breakfast blend, coffee:

  • Creates a stimulating effect. 
  • Helps you focus.
  • Acts like an antioxidant to protect your body's cells.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 
  • Lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Helps you burn fat and aid with weight management. 
  • Reduces your risk for diseases ranging from dementia to depression.

Specifically, organic coffee blends offer the additional benefit of being almost completely free of chemicals. You'll be able to enjoy the health benefits traditional coffee offers while also helping protect and preserve the environment.

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